Top Deals on RVs And Motorhomes

When it comes to RVs, everyone wants to get the best quality, the best functional design, and the best utility for the best price. Here’s some links and some information about the best bang-for-your-buck RVs available by class.

Tips for Getting the Best Price on an RV

Shop Around

You may have been buying a new or used motorhome every ten years from the same dealer, but that doesn’t mean they will always have the best deal for you. Loyalty will only get you so far in negotiating a great price, so always keep your options open. Your dealer’s competitor down the street might have a better deal, or they might have one up the dealer you’ve been going to for years.

Look at as many prices as possible, your dealer, their competitor, online dealers, and more before you make a move. Don’t settle for the first dealership or the first price tag that fits within your ideal budget.

Don't Settle for New

Many consumers believe a new home or a new car or a new anything is the way to save money long-term. It seems that by buying new, you’ll have fewer issues, need to perform less maintenance, and your purchase will last longer. But that isn’t always true.

When it comes to RVs, buying used allows you more control over your budget, improvements, customizations, and more. By spending less upfront, you have more to invest in your rig over time giving you a true home away from home with features and functionality you can’t always get buying new in this industry.

Don’t Tie Yourself to a Brand

People are loyal to brands. Whether it’s toilet paper or your cell phone or a car, brand loyalty is one of the reasons certain brands are always on top no matter the year. When it comes to RVing, the same is true, but at the end of the day, all RVs serve the same purpose.

They’re designed to give you a place to stay at the end of the day comfortably. Even though you may have your heart set on a brand, look at similar RV types to find the rig you’ll call home. You may be surprised by what you find, and you may save thousands of dollars in the process.

Buy Now, Customize Later

One of the biggest downfalls of buying an RV is realizing how much more money you’re going to have to spend to get the features you want. Whether it’s a better mattress or an upgraded entertainment center, the price tag on the RV is enough to make most turn away and give up on the RV lifestyle.

When budgeting for an RV, think long-term. Don’t be afraid to buy a basic model and upgrade it later. Customizations from installing new cabinetry to wiring an intercom system to fitting a skirt to your RV can all be done down the line. Think of your RV like a home; you’re always going to have improvement projects to tackle.

Buy a Fixer Upper

One of the most popular trends among RVers is to buy an older model, such as an Airstream, and fix it up. There are communities around the US dedicated to doing this and saving money while doing it. You can get a cheap RV on Craigslist or other unconventional places, gut it, and fix it up the way you imagine your dream RV to look and feel.

Buying a fixer-upper comes with risk, but you’ll put out much less upfront and if you plan properly, save more than half of the cost of a brand-new RV with all the bells and whistles. Buying a fixer-upper isn’t for everyone, but if you play your cards right, you’ll be the envy of every RV park or campground.

Watch Financing Rates

Financing your RV can be the make or break on securing a great deal. Financing rates depend on current market trends; RV loan rates tend to mirror auto loan rates. Don’t accept financing from an RV dealer if you can get a better rate from your bank or credit union or vice versa.

Get a quote from your bank before you go to an RV dealership and use that to leverage a better deal there. If you know the market is sweet on auto loans, it’s your time to strike for good RV loan rate as well.