Massive Brawl Erupts On Plane After Women Refuse To Turn Music Down

Jay Dawson June 12th 2017 Entertainment
Airplane travel, for all its annoyances and queues, is meant to be a nice, relaxing experience. What's better than sitting back and having nothing to do but watch movies for a couple of hours? This flight, though, was far from enjoyable. Without any warning, this flight turned from a calm cruise over the States into a massive fistfight. It turned from heaven to hell. You'll never believe what started it...
"A Mutual Combat Situation"
When airport police were called to assist in the disembarkation of a flight in LAX, they had no idea what they were about to witness. The scene inside the plane was absolute carnage, and if it wasn't for the flight attendants pointing out the culprits, they were just about ready to arrest the entire plane. In the end, they dragged five women off the flight. And the story they told shocked them beyond belief...
It was a standard, run-of-the-mill flight up until about ten minutes before landing. The cabin was peaceful, except for two passengers who had started playing music from a boom box a little too loudly. The plane was landing, and it had been a long flight, and everybody was starting to get annoyed by these music-loving ladies. But when other passengers asked them to turn it off, it triggered the unthinkable - what police would describe as "a mutual combat situation". In other words, a huge brawl.
Who Was Involved?
At the center of the storm were the five women. Neither the authorities nor the airline involved have released the details of the passengers involved in the flight, so we can't go into their backgrounds or names. What we do know is that there were five women involved in the scuffle to begin with, although in an environment as small as an airplane cabin, there was no way this wouldn't spiral out of control.
Two women were playing the music over their boom box (how were they allowed with that on board, anyway?), and several other passengers asked them to turn it down. As you'll see in the following video, the ladies with the music decided to get a bit more annoying. They started waving the boom box around in the air, precisely as if they just didn't care. Three other women decided to approach the two and ask them a little more physically to turn it off. That's when it became the story of ten fists...
The Flight In Question
There's something about a long flight that just gets tempers flaring, and this one was no different. Spirit Airlines flight 141 was going from Baltimore to Los Angeles when this free-for-all broke out, and that flight is a good five and a half hours. Five and a half hours of listening to babies cry uncontrollably, that old guy next to you fart in his sleep, and a six-year-old kicking the back of your seat.
Not to mention the complete lack of in-flight entertainment, having to take out a second mortgage to pay for the snacks, being so cramped that your knees are up around your ears, and you accidentally left the latest Paula Hawkins in your checked baggage. You're ready to burst, and then someone starts blasting Bieber as loud as they can. What else are you going to do but explode into rage?
One Too Many Drinks
There is a bit of speculation that the women playing the music might have one too many drinks. And to be honest, you would need a few stiff ones under your belt before you became such a jerk that you punched a flight attendant in the face. Twice. But until more details come out, speculation is all it is. The other thing is, of course, that based on Spirit's astronomical prices for in-flight food and drinks, you'd have to have a couple thousand dollars on hand before you got even close to being drunk.
Whatever happened, it makes a certain amount of sense that the ladies involved in the fracas were intoxicated. It fits with the scene that unfurled. Statistically, alcohol plays a large part in violent crime: about 40% of inmates incarcerated for such crimes were under the influence of alcohol when they were arrested.
The History Of Spirit Airlines
Spirit Airlines is one of those low-cost carriers that seems to have come out of nowhere and ripped everything that's good out of a flight in the name of "savings". It's not a very popular airline, with a rating of 3 out of 10 on Skytrax, but it keeps on making money and attracting passengers thanks to its ridiculously low fares. People can't help themselves if it's a bargain.
But Spirit is no flash-in-the-pan airline - this carrier has been around in one form or another for over half a century. It was started in 1964 as a trucking company called Clipper, before eventually making the jump to holiday charter flights in 1980. Since then, it's been rebranded a few times, finally settling on the current image, which is to make the passenger pay separately for literally everything, then make it all okay with a "clever" and "funny" ad campaign.
Previous Incidents
As much as United and JetBlue have been copping flak for their recent on-plane incidents, Spirit doesn't have such a squeaky-clean image, either. We all remember the giant brawl (yep, another one) that erupted last month when a handful of late-night flights were canceled in Fort Lauderdale. That's just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to non-communication and non-compensation, and the passenger fury that results.
Over the past few months, Spirit's fleet has been plagued by awful mystery odors wafting through their cabins, forcing three separate flights to deploy their oxygen masks and divert to land at other airports. Then there was an incident only a few years ago, when an old, blind, French man went nuts, lashing out at passengers and crew en route to Fort Lauderdale. That flight, too, had to be diverted.
Still As Safe As Ever
Despite all the badness that goes down - and airlines really are copping a bad rap these days - air travel is still the safest way to go. Maybe not for your sanity, but at the very least for staying alive and injury-free. In terms of both fatalities and injuries, it certainly beats driving. In fact, your chance of dying in a car or traffic accident, every time you leave your driveway, are one in 5,000.
Compare that to flights: out of the millions and millions of flights each year, less than a hundred have accidents, and less than a tenth of those have fatalities. This makes the odds of dying in a plane crash at about one in 11 million, and the odds of being in a crash at all one in 1.2 million. Even if you win the lottery and are in one of those crashes, the odds are still in your favor: 95.7 percent of passengers survive those crashes.
Lovers, Not Fighters
If this whole incident involved only men, it probably wouldn't even rate a mention. Dudes are getting into fist fights for no reason all the time - just spend a Saturday night in Dublin if you don't believe us. But women? They're generally classier than us Neanderthals. They generally have a bit of self-control. Sure, there's the occasional scrap over who loves Ryan Gosling more, but we'll bet you a billion dollars it's a man who triggers World War Three.
We've got the statistics to back it up, too. Around nine times as many men are in jail versus women, and men accounted for over 80% of arrests due to violent crime. If you get murdered and you're living in the States, it's 88% likely it's a guy that did it. Worldwide, it's actually 96%. Sure, there's some women who commit crimes, but not many. Nobody knows the exact reasons, but it just doesn't seem to be in their nature.
What Happened To Them Next
After they were dragged off the aircraft, all five women involved in the fray were taken in for questioning at LAX. Not only that, the FBI were called in to investigate, which is standard procedure for aviation-related incidents. A few hours later, all of the women were released without charge, according to an FBI spokesperson.
Given the serious and frightening nature of the brawl - just watch the video to see how bad it really was - the lack of charges was pretty surprising. Hair was pulled, multiple punches were thrown, and all five women - and not just a few passengers - came out of the ordeal bloody and bruised. But for all that, it seems that the police were just going to let this one slide. They chalked it up to high tension in a confined environment, and let the women off with just a few stern words.
Captured On Film
The best part of this modern age is that there's always someone there to capture this mayhem on camera. We've become a race of aspiring documentary filmmakers, finger forever on the smartphone, looking for some instant fame. We're not mocking you, here - if it wasn't for you, we never would have seen this video, and witnessed the girl-brawl of the century. Considering how truly insane it got, we're pretty glad you put your bodies on the line.
So here you go. Get an eyeful of this delicious carnage, be glad you weren't there, and maybe learn a thing or two about not getting too worked up in a place where 200 people are crammed together like sardines in a can. On the other hand, if all-in apocalyptic fights are your thing, if you like both the flight and the fight response, you're never going to get a better arena.
Here is the Video:

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