Woman Humiliated And Kicked Out Of The Gym Because Her Breasts Were Too Big

Jay Dawson June 9th 2017 Entertainment
Have you ever been humiliated? Do you know that feeling of hot shame you get, when you've been publicly embarrassed? Imagine if it happened. simply because you were a beautiful woman. Imagine if you were kicked out of a gym, simply because your boobs were too big. Because that's exactly what happened to Jenna Vecchio. And her angry Facebook rant has whipped up a furious storm of controversy...
"I Felt Humiliated"
Jenna's workout at the Motivati Fitness Center in Ottawa, Canada, came to an abrupt halt one fay when she was suddenly asked to leave. She was confused. Why did they want to kick her out? According to the supervisors on shift, several of the other gym-goers were "uncomfortable" with the clothes she was wearing. Apparently, Jenna's attire was not good enough for their dress code, which supposedly required "modest" clothes.
There was nothing Jenna could do. Looking around the gym, she noticed that all the other women were wearing pretty much the exact same clothes as she was. She was angry, upset, embarrassed. The supervisors told her she could change into a t-shirt, but this just seemed ridiculous. But this was only the beginning of the saga. You'll see more in the following video of exactly how this played out...
The Woman At The Center Of The Storm
Let's not beat around the bush. Jenna Vecchio, the woman at the center of this storm, is a beautiful woman. With her arresting tattoos and large bust on a slender frame, she cuts a striking figure wherever she goes. She loves going to the gym and working out, and when she recently moved from Nova Scotia to Ottawa she was looking forward to joining a new welcoming community, where she could work on her body in peace.
But it seems like this is one time her gorgeous body didn't open doors for her. Jenna is absolutely certain that her gym clothes - a black racerback tank top and full-length leggings - were more than modest. The only reason, she says, that she was kicked out of the gym was that her breasts were bigger than everyone else's. Which was totally unfair.
The city of Ottawa, it should be said, is usually a welcoming and non-discriminatory place. The capital of Canada, and with a population of just less than a million people, it is the most educated city in Canada, filled with schools, places of higher learning, and cultural institutions. In short, it's a place where a big-breasted woman shouldn't attract either undue attention or even punishment.
The federal government, having its seat of power in Ottawa, is the largest employer in the city, followed by a number of tech companies that have their offices there. With dozens of festivals, museums, parks and historical sites, as well as Quebec just over the river, Ottawa really is a culturally important place in Canada. It's just a shame that despite all the education, some of its residents seem to be really backwards.
Lies, All Lies
The strange thing about this incident is that the gym supervisors' request seems to have come from nowhere. Although they claimed that other gym members were offended by Jenna's "immodest" clothing, the facts don't really line up with this. On her way out of the gym, in fact, Jenna approached a number of other women working out at the time. She asked them straight up whether it was true, and that they were offended by her clothing, and they all said the same thing: they couldn't care less.
Which was weird. If the other members of the gym didn't care about her clothes - or her breasts - then who did? It seems that it was actually just the gym supervisors that cared, and they were simply using the other people as a cover for their strange war against beauty. Maybe they were just jealous.
She Goes To Facebook
By the time Jenna got home, she had turned from shame to anger. She had reached boiling point, and was furious about the gyms actions and the way they had treated her. Scouring the gym's website, she realized that they didn't have a dress code at all, and that what the supervisors had told her was all lies. Not only that, their website and Facebook page both had countless of photos of women working out, all in nearly identical clothes to what Jenna had been wearing at the time.
Disgusted, Jenna took to Facebook to share her story with the nation. "[I was] instructed by a Supervisor at the club that my tank top was inappropriate dress," she said in the shocking post, "and is offensive to both the staff and other members." The post, of course, went viral, and her story was shared across the world. This wasn't just her story - this was the story of countless other women.
Body Shaming
It's hard to tell where the roots lie - some would claim advertising and the fashion industry - but the trend of "body shaming" has become all-invasive and highly destructive. Body shaming is just what it sounds like: the awful act of making someone ashamed or humiliated, through comments or mockery, of their body shape, size, or weight. It's horrible, and it has to stop.
Basically, people have little to no control over the way their body is. It's simple genetics and luck. Even if they could lose weight or gain muscle, or wear makeup or have cosmetic surgery, shaming for their natural body will never motivate them to do so, or do anything, in fact, but make them desperately unhappy. Besides, this rigid and old-fashioned standard of beauty that these people are supposedly held to has nothing to do with actually being a beautiful person.
Gym Culture
Gyms stand at an interesting crossroads between getting people to a fit and healthy state, and being complicit in body shaming themselves. In truth, the best way to sell gym memberships is not to actually promote healthy exercise, but to shame people into wanting to be ripped themselves. To make them feel bad every time they pass the gym and look at those buff bodies, and imply that if only they stepped inside, they could be hot too.
Not only that, the gym environment is by its very nature a competitive one. In those hot and sweaty rooms, it's always about beating your (and other's) previous weights. You have to run faster, pull harder, and work out more than everyone else there, including yourself. It's about getting better and better at it, and that naturally leads itself to trying to be better than others. It's in this kind of space that Jenna stepped into when she went to Motivati...
Everyone's Backing Her Up
Once her Facebook post went viral, Jenna found herself flooded with support and well wishes. Both women and men agreed with her that this gym was being ridiculous, and they assured her that she should not feel shame for what genetics alone had blessed her with. There was no way she should have been kicked out of that gym.
And it's true that none of this was her fault. No matter what clothes she was wearing at the time, having a big bust is a complete act of chance. She didn't wish it upon herself, and she didn't get cosmetic surgery. If anyone could get offended by that, it's their own sick fault for becoming fixated on the size of her breasts. Really. If you're staring at something so long that you get offended by it, we're pretty sure that's on you. Maybe you should just look at something else, like a picture of kittens peeking out of a barrel or something.
The Gym's Response
Surprisingly, after such an outpouring of support for Jenna, and such anger from both Jenna and her friends and family, the Motivati Gym still stood by the decision of its employees. They would not back down from their lies. In a statement published online, they said "The Movati staff never indicated Ms. Vecchio's style of shirt was not appropriate - it was the lack of coverage that was the issue as she exercised adjacent to other members. While in no way did we mean to embarrass Ms. Vecchio, we did feel it necessary to address the situation with her due to member discomfort."
They also said that "while it is unfortunate that Ms. Vecchio felt she had a negative experience, it was certainly not Movati's intent." As it turns out, the most negative experience would be reserved for Motivati. Following the incident and their statement, they were flooded with membership cancelations, one-star reviews online, and a storm of bad publicity.
Do You Agree?
It may not seem like it from the gym's response, but as you're about to see in this video, this has been a major victory for both Jenna Vecchio and victims of body shaming everywhere. While the gym might not admit to their extreme lack of judgment and poor decision-making skills, the overwhelming response by the public says it all: this kind of behavior is not on anymore.
So what do you think? Does this video shock and surprise you, or do you agree with the gym's actions? Could you put yourself in Jenna's shoes and see why she's angry, and have you ever felt the burning humiliation of body shaming yourself? This is not just any ordinary topic - this is the kind of event, and the kind of video, that will divide opinion and make you change the way you think forever.
Here is the Video:

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