This Man Gave Up His Life In An Apartment To Live In A Tent With An Epic Interior

Jay Dawson June 8th 2017 Entertainment
How far would you go to change your life? Many of us are stuck in the rat race, paying insane mortgages or crazy rent prices, working in jobs we don't like just to live in a place we don't have the time or the energy to enjoy. But this guy took the plunge, and got away from it all. His friends thought he was being ridiculous, until they saw how happy he had truly become. This is one way of living you'll have to see to believe...
He Changed His Life
Meet Bryce Langston, a thirty-something New Zealander whose life was much like any other's. He was unhappy, unfulfilled in his job, and he spent all of his time paying the rent on his place in Auckland. After work was over, he was simply too tired and too stressed to do anything but watch TV and sleep. One day, he decided to take a drastic step and change his life forever.
For a long time, Bryce had been dreaming of downsizing and getting away from it all. A big fan of Henry Thoreau's Walden - a book in which the author fends for himself as a hermit on the shore of Walden Pond in Massachusetts - Bryce wanted to do something similar. But the book was written in 1845. How was it possible to do this in this modern environment? Bryce wasn't sure, but when he first saw this tent he knew it was possible...
Take A Look Inside
You're going to get a full tour of the tent soon, but for now, we can describe some of the basic features to you. Situated on a small plot of land in the hills near Auckland, it may look small from the outside, but it does in fact contain everything Bryce needs to survive. Not just to survive, actually - to live pretty damn comfortably.
He's got everything there in the tent, and even though it's far, far smaller than a regular house, it doesn't seem cramped or messy. Even with a double bed, stove, sink, chests of drawers and lounge area, the space is still light and airy. It's not cluttered by all the knick-knacks and cheap rubbish that we accumulate in our lives of mass consumption. It's got the basics, and it's got them just right.
New Zealand
For those of you that don't know, or have never heard of The Lord Of The Rings, New Zealand is a spectacular country, split into two long, main islands and located in the Pacific to the southeast of Australia. Where Australia excels in scorching outback and tropical wonders, New Zealand, helped by its cool and damp climate, has some of the most stunning green rolling hills, soaring mountains, gorgeous little bays and inlets, and a heck of a lot of sheep.
In The Lord Of The Rings, much of the scenes in The Shire and in the mountains were shot in director Peter Jackson's native country of New Zealand. The dramatic and achingly beautiful landscapes you see on film are exactly how they look in this magnificent country. We really can't gush about it enough.
Priced Out Of House Ownership
But there is one problem with New Zealand, and it's one that the country shares with the rest of the world. Property prices are rising fast, and it's more than many young people can afford. More and more, young people have to work to the bone just to raise enough funds for a house deposit. And even then, they're saddled with massive mortgages that essentially financially cripple them for life.
Renting a house is often not much better. Thanks to globalization and masses of foreign investment that come with it, an aging population, and a housing shortage in inner city areas, affordable housing is simple impossible. People are paying half, or even more, of their monthly wage on rent - leaving little money for pleasure. But as this video is about to show, there's a way out of this depressing maze...
The Minimalist Revolution
There's a new buzzword in architecture and living, and its name is minimalism. For the last few years, designers have been focusing on small spaces, not big ones, in an effort to maximize what are already overcrowded urban zones. With footprints of only a couple of dozen square feet, these new places still pack a serious punch when it comes to livability. There's still room for everything you'll ever need.
Not only that, these homes are being built from sustainable and low-cost materials, making them cheaper than ever before. Sometimes they're even recycled materials, like shipping containers, and sometimes they're so small and modular, it's easy to just pack them up and ship them off to a new place. All you need is a patch of land, and you're ready to start living a new, clutter-free life.
New Spaces
Alongside this, the theory of minimalism is just as the name suggests: it's a philosophy that means downsizing what you own, and realizing what you need. These new spaces might be small, but the idea is that you don't actually need that many things to live a happy life. Less fortunate people, and those living in remote locations across the globe often live with far less. They don't need a fancy new media center - so why do you?
In essence, it's a rejection of the mass consumerism that's dictated this modern age. We live now in a world of cell phones that are replaced every year, of kitchen gadgets we use precisely once, of garden ornaments that serve no function and are immediately forgotten. We live in a world of more and more things that advertising convinces us we absolutely must have. Minimalism says no, you don't need it.
What Is This Place?
Bryce's home is a tent, plain and simple. But it's a beautiful, well-constructed tent, manufactured by Lotus Belle and called the "Outback" It only cost him somewhere around two thousand dollars, but it's designed for rugged, everyday use. Even in New Zealand, where the weather can often get wild and wet, the 350 grams-per-square-meter canvas is up to the task. The flooring of the tent is the same heavy-duty material that many kayaks are made from, meaning that the environment stays out.
It's camping like you've never seen it before, or "glamping" (glamorous camping) as it's known in some circles. Just because Bryce is living out in a rural area, in a tent, doesn't mean he lacks the creature comforts of warmth and security. Coupled with outdoor decking that wraps around the tent and provides a beautifully relaxing space, he's living a dream, at one with nature and yet not completely roughing it.
Living An Explorer's Dream
You're going to see in a second just how much of Bryce's dream he's realized in such a short time. There's probably one question you've been asking yourself this entire time: where the hell does he go to the toilet? The answer is, just like his home, simple, elegant, and perfectly executed. It's an outhouse.
Yep, an outside bathroom. But not just any outside bathroom. This one's connected to his deck via a cool rope bridge, and paneled with tiki-style bamboo from his neighbor's farm. It's connected to sewage, so there's no nasty smells, and it even has hot water in the shower. All of this, plus his 7-gallon fridge inside the tent, is powered by a simple and cheap 250w solar power system. There's no need to draw power from the grid and pay for costly energy bills. See, he's thought of everything.
Just A Temporary Measure
For the moment, Bryce's life is idyllic to the extreme. He still works a day job, but it's one that he's happy about. And with his dream ten to come back to and chill out in, he's found himself more relaxed than ever before. Even so, he's not resting on his laurels. The minimalism bug has bit him bad, and he's already got a new project to work on.
On nearbly land, Bryce is building a more permanent structure. It'll be a tiny house, just like his tent, but it'll be made from recycled timber and still off the grid. Don't worry: he's not planning to start accumulating stuff and slide back into that old trap. It'll be like a cabin, simple, rustic, and an efficient use of space. Now that he's got his tent, and he's removed all the unnecessary distractions from his life (what others would call Netflix), he's got plenty of time to work on his dream.
See It For Yourself
Here's your chance to see this extraordinary project for yourself, and dream of your own life away from the masses and the look-alikes. Join Bryce as he takes you on a tour of this incredible home, and you can see how one man turned a small, inexpensive plot of land, a cheap structure, and some recycled materials into a home fit for a king.
So what do you think? Is this something you could ever imagine doing for yourself, or do you really need all the junk that's scattered around your house? Could you ever see yourself dropping just a couple of thousand dollars, and being set up for life, or do you really have to be in amongst the crush of the crowds, working until you're old and grey? Could you wake up in this home and think "yes, I've made it"?
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