Watch: White Supremacist Finds Out His Ancestors Were Black on Live Talk Show

Jay Dawson February 10th 2017 Entertainment
Television has the power to shock, amaze, and change the world. And this power was never more in evidence during this airing of The Trisha Show, when the unthinkable happened. This is the beautiful moment when a white supremacist is stunned into silence. This is the wonderful moment when he confronts what he never thought possible: that he's actually part black...
The Moment His Grin Slips From His Face
The scene was set for an epic showdown. Craig Cobb, a 62-year-old white supremacist, had been on TV for already far too long, laying out his particularly horrific brand of racism. The host of The Trisha Show, black British personality Trisha Goddard, was ready to lay down the real facts on Cobb. With a triumphant air, she told him the truth: he was actually 14% Sub-Saharan African.
The crowd responded to the humiliation of this bigot the only way that crowds can: with cheers of jubilation and celebration. Cobb was at a loss for words, his world and what he knew seeming to crumble in one brief instant. "So there you go, bro," Trisha told him, trying to give him a fist bump and welcoming him to the brotherhood. But by then he had gathered himself, and was already claiming "statistical noise".
Who Is This Evil Man?
Before we get into how significant this finding really is, and how much we really don't care about his hurt feelings, we need to look at the man himself, Craig Cobb. At 62 years old, his is the face of pure intolerant evil. A so-called fugitive from hate crimes committed in several other towns, he has settled in Leith, a tiny township in North Dakota. There, he is attempting to put his ultimate plan into action.
Cobb doesn't actually call himself a white supremacist, although these kinds of people rarely use such direct language. Instead, he subscribes to a religious group that calls themselves the Creators, which is basically a cover for racism. Followers use "holy words" from the White Man's Bible as a cover for racial and sexual intolerance, claiming that they are not racist but simply "racially aware".
Disgusting Plans For North Dakota
Craig Cobb in particular has been at the center of a perfect storm of controversy lately. For the last few years, he has been buying up land in Leith, North Dakota, in an attempt to take over the town and its sitting council. What does he plan on doing with the town? Well, he wants his followers and followers of similar creeds - the Aryan Brotherhood and National Socialism Movement - to settle there and form a white-only enclave. A kind of last bastion against an increasingly multicultural world.
Before he arrived, the residents of Leith barely even knew what white supremacy was. With a mix of African American and Native American residents in the township and surrounds, they lived a life of largely peaceful harmony. But the appearance of Craig Cobb, and his slow and sinister takeover, changed everything for Leith.
A Smear On The Neighborhood
Now, there is only one African American remaining in the town. And although the council is still under the power of reasonable and sane human beings, this could change at any time. Other white supremacist families have followed Cobb's urgings and settled in Leith, and slowly driven out longtime residents who are now fearful for their life. For them, this once-perfect town has become a living hell.
And it's easy to see why this has happened. Since Cobb and his buddies have arrived, they've put up all manner of flags and paraphernalia related to white supremacy, instilling and inciting an atmosphere of fear and distrust. Not only that, the only remaining black resident Bobby Harper, has had hateful messages pinned to his door, including one to his wife which read "What are you doing 'married' to a Negro?" More and more, the citizens of Leith are finding themselves outsiders in a community that's long been known for its welcoming attitude.
They're Running Out Of Options
Councilors for Leith are tearing their hair out, trying to put a halt to Cobb's actions, but it's getting harder and harder. Since his broader actions - like the buying of land and property - are technically legal, it's impossible to force him out. Even the kinds of hate crimes that are perpetrated in his name can't be prosecuted, since it's impossible to determine the exact individual that's behind each act.
The arrival of Cobb led immediately to a number of town hall meetings and drastic measures. Bans on building, strict new regulations on water and sewage quality, and a ban on trailers remaining for more than ten days have all been introduced, but seem to have little to no effect on the slow creep of racism. The mayor of Leith, Ryan Schock, admits that his small town seems to have run out of options. Short of catching Cobb in the middle of some obscene act, there's not much they can do.
His Beliefs
No matter what name they go by, Cobb's beliefs are the same as the majority of white supremacist groups that operate all over the world. They operate under the same awful banner of a "master race", and believe that all other varieties of this wonderful human soup should be subjugated to the white man. Unlike other groups, however, they've managed to justify their vile deeds and thoughts with their so-called "bible", which is a mere cover for their hate crimes.
Of course, their belief of total dominance doesn't just extend to other races. It is an incredibly misogynistic and hardline heteronormative belief system, too, which says that all women are inferior to men, and that any sexual practice beyond man-woman relations is an aberration on the natural order of things. In short, he believes everything that breeds hate, intolerance, and disunity in this world.
Going On The Trisha Show
Nobody knows what compelled him to go on The Trisha Show, a long-running British chat show hosted by the luminous Ms. Goodard which attempts to tackle problems far beyond the usual. Cobb says that he submitted himself to DNA testing because he "believed it was science", and clearly without any doubt that it would prove his purity. As well as that, it was clear that he thought that the TV show, regardless of how it made him look, would be a good platform for him to spew out his hateful message.
But all it found him was disgrace and disgust. The show itself was part of Trisha's ongoing Race In America series, designed to highlight the apparent incongruities, double standards, struggles, and triumphs of this ever-important topic. It was never going to give him a platform - just, as the old saying goes, enough rope to hang himself. It may never change his mind or beliefs, but at least it will highlight to an intelligent audience just how pervasive these evil beliefs can be.
What This Means For Him
14% Sub-Saharan African. 14% black. Those were the results that Trisha triumphantly delivered to a clearly-shocked Cobb, and while it may not sound like a huge percentage, it is incredibly significant. To achieve a 14% mix, you wouldn't have to go far back in your bloodline to find African heritage. Even a single great-grandparent being of a different race would give you 12.5% of that race, so for Cobb, he's not only got a great-grandparent, but possibly more relatives a little further back in the tree.
What it means is that at least one of Cobb's ancestors were part of the race struggles of the early 20th century. That one of Cobb's ancestors helped shape, define, and build the nation of America into the better place that it is today. That they actively fought against the very hate that Cobb is trying to currently spread.
A Hearty Denial
It's clear from the video that Cobb, once receiving the news, has no idea what to do with it. His stammering cries of "statistical noise" and a refusal - not once, but twice - to fist bump Trisha shows him as a man desperately trying to regain a sense of sovereignty. He has been damned - by his own rhetoric, no less - as someone who's "impure". And try as he might to deny it, it will no doubt haunt him forever.
In the wake of the TV show, Craig Cobb seemed to recover from the initial shock. He began fighting his heritage in the only way he knew how - by flat out denial, and counter-accusations of false science. By labelling it "a scientifically bankrupt procedure, the product of craven and debased executives whose goal is to shock.", he doesn't need to confront the issue within himself - just blame it on the untruths of others.
He's Going To Keep On Going
The whole thing, the whole video, was a beautifully succinct moment in the history of white supremacists. We are all made up of bits and pieces of a excitingly varied and fractured past, and to see a bigot be confronted with that was, in a word, rewarding. But it was also a succinct moment in a bad sense. It also summed up neatly exactly what white supremacists do: they spin their own web of hate to serve their terrible purposes.
And in the end, nothing much changes. Craig Cobb has vowed to keep on sowing his seeds of intolerance and terror in the unfortunate town of Leith. Until he dies, he will keep bringing other weak-minded individuals into his fold, brainwashing them to hate all the other members of our wonderful human race. He won't change, but hopefully the TV show will strike a chord with members of the audience. Hopefully, after all this, people will open their eyes to their own internal multiculturalism and learn how to defend against this particular brand of hate.
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