Boxing Ring Girl Fired After Being Told Her Breasts Were Too Big

Jay Dawson February 10th 2017 Entertainment
Boxing is not a sport known for its subtlety, and its stars make no excuses about their life of mega money, glamorous women, and luxury homes. It’s a sport of excess, and bigger is always better. So if two of boxing’s biggest names – Anthony Mundine and Danny Green – were going to fight, you’d think they’d put on a huge show, right?
But This Hottie Was Too Much
Meet Sev Philippou, a 25-year-old model from Adelaide in South Australia. She was selected to be a ring girl – those babes that hold up the signs between rounds – for the fight between boxing belters Mundine and Green on the 3rd of Feb. With looks like that, it’s no wonder. The only problem was that just hours before the fight was scheduled to start, she got a phone call saying she was dropped.
A Sucker Punch From The Organizers
Philippou claims that she was dropped because, basically, her “breasts are too big”. Now, we’re not claiming to be experts, but we’d say they’re pretty much a perfect pair. The organisers of the fight didn’t seem to think so, though, and unceremoniously dumped her. “No-one apologized, I was just ignored”. View the next slide to view her photos. Were her breasts too big?
Flimsy Dress, Flimsy Excuse
The fight was held at Adelaide Oval and organised by Tourism South Australia. When asked about the shock dumping of Philippou, they merely passed the blame, saying “casting is managed by the promoters and is dependent on the event requirements.” The promoters say that because of her bust size, she didn’t fit into the dress. A claim that Philiippou denies – she says the fitting went perfectly. Although if these photos are anything to go by, she doesn’t seem to even know what a dress is.
Anger, Outrage
Naturally, Philippou was disgusted at her “unfair” treatment and that Tourism SA were “discriminating against me because my boobs are real.” She even took to Facebook to publish the above angry rant against the promoters and the fight. Eventually she was offered six front-row seats as an apology, but it clearly wasn’t enough. More photos on the next slide.
She Stands And Delivers
Ultimately, though, she was venting her frustration as a way to defend big-breasted girls all over the world. In her Facebook post, she writes 'I am damn proud of my REAL boobs,' and 'I refuse to sit quietly and be told I do not fit into a ridiculous standard of what a girls [sic] body should look like to represent South Australia to the world...” Who cares what happened between Mundine and Green, because it really looks like Philippou won this round.


50 Extraordinary Women You Won't Believe Actually Exist

Luke Chase May 25th 2016 Entertainment
It’s likely that the women in your day to day life are pretty "normal" in appearance. So when you see someone whose appearance differs from what you expect it to be, it can be kind of a shock. The ladies in the following slideshow are definitely far from average. Some of these women spent thousands of dollars on plastic surgery, tattoos, or body piercings. Others are born with strange birth defects such as excessive facial hair, a gigantic butt or even an 8 inch tongue. See for yourself!
Lauren Williams
4 Foot Long Legs
Lauren Williams has the longest-known legs in the United States, with her eye-catching limbs measuring an incredible 49 inches from hip to heel. Lauren's height and long-legged genes can be attributed to her family as her father, mother and twin sisters are all 6ft or taller. She has US size 11 feet (UK size 10), and revealed that she can find it tricky to buy clothes that fit. When modelling, single Lauren - who has worked on campaigns for global brands such as Nike - does everything from sports and fitness to high fashion and swimwear.
Having played volleyball in college, as well as being extremely active, Lauren also enjoys shooting sporty campaigns. As well as modelling, Lauren works as an educator at a children's museum in Houston and enjoys travelling. When out and about, her striking looks and long limbs mean she gets comments about her legs on a daily basis.
Pixee Fox
Dangerously Small Waist
Swedish born Pixee Fox had already spent more than $80,000 on plastic surgery attempting to sculpt the perfect hourglass figure. But now she has taken her obsession even further by having 6 of her lower ribs removed - so she can shrink her waist to a record-breaking 14 inches. Pixee, from Sweden, said: "People often come up to me and say, "don't take this the wrong way, but you look like a cartoon" - but for me that's a compliment, that's what I want to achieve.
With 6 of her lower ribs removed, Pixee's lower internal organs, including the liver, have lost some of their natural protection - but she isn't worried. She said: "Before if I was in a car crash I would normally break my ribs. If that happened now I'm probably going to break my spleen instead. In total she has had four rhinoplasties costing $14,000; four breast augmentations of 200cc, 525cc, 800cc and 1400cc costing $28,500; two rounds of liposuction at $5,000; two upper eyelid surgeries at $6,000; a labiaplasty costing $4,000; a Brazilian butt lift at $9,000 and cool-sculpting, cheek injections, and lip injections at about $12,000.
Bethany Hamilton
One Armed Pro Surfer
Bethany Meilani Hamilton-Dirks is an American professional surfer who survived a 2003 shark attack in which her left arm was bitten off, but ultimately returned to—and was victorious in—professional surfing. On October 31, 2003 Hamilton, aged 13 at the time, went for a morning surf along Tunnels Beach, Kauai, with best friend Alana Blanchard, Alana's father, Holt, and brother Byron. Around 7:30 a.m., with numerous turtles in the area, she was lying on her surfboard with her left arm dangling in the water, when a 14-foot tiger shark attacked her, severing her left arm just below the shoulder.
Despite the trauma of the incident, Hamilton was determined to return to surfing. Three weeks after the incident, she returned to her board. Initially, she adopted a custom-made board that was longer and slightly thicker than standard and had a handle for her right arm, making it easier to paddle, and she learned to kick more to make up for the loss of her left arm. After teaching herself to surf with one arm, on January 10, 2004, she entered a major competition. She now uses standard competitive performance short-boards. The broken surfboard that Hamilton was riding during the attack is on display at the California Surf Museum
Mayra Hills
World's Largest Fake Breasts
Mayra Hills — also known as Beshine — measures at 59-28-36 and says she’s the proud owner of the world’s largest fake breasts. And it’s not hard to believe her claim to fame, considering each of her breasts have 10,000 cc of saline implants and weigh 20 pounds a piece! As you can imagine, it’s difficult for Beshine, who wears a size 32Z bra, to find clothes that fit, so the German-born woman has a lot of her items custom-made.
But bra shopping isn’t her only woe. She can no longer tie her own shoes and has run into trouble when she’s knocked things over with her chest — but it appears she’s satisfied with her body, troubles and all. "Some people maybe think the sheer size of my t-ts bring too many handicaps in my everyday life, but hey, having big boob problems is amazing," she wrote on her blog.
Anastasiya Shpagina
Real Life Anime Girl
It’s official, this real-life anime trend has gotten completely out of hand. Hardly a day goes by that we don’t stumble upon some photos of girls going to any lengths in order to look like real live anime characters. Today’s example, Anastasiya Shpagina, an Ukrainian girl who has even taken a Japanese name – Fukkacumi. 19-year-old Anastasiya (Nastya) Shpagina has been called "the new Barbie" by national news outlets, but she later revealed she’s striving to become a real-life Japanese anime character, not a doll. She even posted "I am not like a doll, a doll is like me."
Apparently, Nastya has been passionate about makeup even as a young child, always experimenting with it in the mirror. Over time she also developed a thing for Japanese cartoons and it was only a matter of time before she started using her make-up artist skills to transform herself into a real-life anime girl. But just putting on makeup wasn’t enough to attain that coveted look, so she decided to lose weight in order to seem more genuine. At 1.58-meters-tall, Anastasiya weighs just 39 kilos and is trying to lose one more in order to look just right.

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