50 Shocking Photos of Celebrities Without Makeup

Jay Dawson September 28th 2016 Entertainment
As a celebrity, it’s impossible to get out of the limelight. On set, on stage, and surrounded by fans and cameras, the pressure to look perfect never ends. Even on an off day, when they want to scream and be just another normal person, the outside world is waiting. The paparazzi are circling, ready to snap that horrible photo of them with fries stuffed in their mouth. Or wearing socks and sandals. Or worst of all, without makeup. You may smirk at these photos, or you might feel sorry for the poor celebs. But before you start laughing, just remember: on most days, we probably all look just like them.
Kim Kardashian
If there’s anyone who’s made a business out of looking perfect for the cameras, it’s Kim Kardashian. The socialite and model rose to fame as a reality TV megastar, one of the new wave of celebrities who are famous for being famous. Barely a day goes by without seeing her face on some TV or in some news story, and Kim knows how to work every angle.
Yet even with the crush of cameras surrounding her every move, there is the odd unguarded moment. A moment where, seemingly without thinking, she appears without her trademark highly sculpted look. And yet somehow, even when the makeup is missing and her hair is all over the place, she still looks fabulous. In a way, it’s a reminder that she’s just like us
Scarlett Johansson
From relatively unknown indie darling in Lost in Translation, to sought-after star in blockbusters such as The Avengers, Scarlett has enjoyed a meteoric rise. Nowadays she’s not only a household name, but a Hollywood starlet of the old school. With classic beauty, serious acting skills, and a decidedly normal personal life, she keeps out of the trashy magazines but stays in our hearts.
How does she do it? To start with, she’s lost none of that natural, girl-next-door allure that made us fall in love with her in the first place. Even without the glossy, accentuated lips, thousand dollar dresses, and perfectly coiffed hair, she has a radiance that few can match. To be honest, it’s shocking just how great she looks without makeup.
Olivia Wilde
Despite her star turns in the TV series House, Olivia Wilde has turned more heads for her natural good looks and outspoken activist streak. Behind that wonderful face, the New York born actress is a “really critical and analytical” documentary filmmaker, vegan, and tireless fighter for social equality and universal healthcare. If that wasn’t enough, she’s a mother, too.
Given all that, it would be understandably tough to balance the superficial needs of Hollywood with the desire to live a simple, responsible life. Luckily, Olivia handles it with aplomb. When the makeup comes off, she loses none of that inner confidence and glow. The smile helps, of course – it says “why can’t I have it all?” And let's not forget about her beautiful eyes, with or without makeup.
Rihanna would be the first to admit that her daily routine can be a lot of work, work, work, work, work. Born and starting from humble beginnings in Barbados, the singer is now a global pop phenomenon. Boasting sales of 200 million records worldwide, and an incredible eight studio albums, it’s a wonder that she ever finds time to also be one incredible looking lady.
There are some off days, of course. Maybe she’s been in the studio for a few long months, or maybe she’s working on a new secret fragrance, or designing another fashion range for Armani. Either way, it’s only natural that she’d be caught without her stage face. But even when that happens, when her hair’s tied up messily and she’s forgotten the rouge, she looks fab. Somehow she makes cool look casual.
Taylor Swift
It seems that the eternal sweetheart Taylor Swift is forever singing about heartbreak. No matter who she’s going out with, you can almost guarantee that she’ll be penning another song of rejection and misery a couple of months later. While the formula has definitely made her a lot of money, we can’t help but think that she’s got a lousy taste in boyfriends.
That’s gotta be the only reason. It’s hard to imagine there would be any other explanation for ever falling out of love with that face. Even in the morning, when you wake up together, and all the lipstick and foundation and mascara has rubbed off, she would still look like heaven. So why do the men keep disappearing? We don’t know, Taylor, but it’s definitely not your face.
Sofia Vergara
Even the mere mention of Colombia conjures up images of fiery, salsa-dancing beauties. In the South American country renowned for its beautiful women, more than a few men have met their match. Growing up in the sultry Caribbean region of Colombia, Sofia Vergara does not buck the beautiful trend. And after star turns in various Hollywood films, she’s landed in America to tame a whole new race of men.
It’s no secret, too, that Colombians love to get dolled up, and Sofia is rarely seen with less-than-perfect makeup. It’s so infrequent, in fact, that when she doesn’t have it on, she looks like a completely different person. Gone is the gloss, the highlights, and the sparkling eyes. Deep down, though, she’s still Colombian. Still gorgeous.
After selling 100 million records and charming the entire world with that voice, Adele’s allowed to have a few bad-hair days. From being a relative unknown in 2008, to hosting sold-out 2016 shows where single tickets sold for almost $2000, she’s had a wild ride. It’s more than okay if a few strands of hair fall out of place.
Well, look. It’s true that that cardigan, or tablecloth, or whatever it is, is unforgiveable. And the expression on her face doesn’t exactly look like the huge grin of a woman worth upwards of $70m. In fact, she looks exactly like a person who’s realized exactly what they look like on a bad day. But we feel you, Adele. We look like that most of the time.
Anne Hathaway
Ever since appearing on the big screen in The Princess Diaries, Anne Hathaway has shone through in a surprising variety of roles. From animations, to comedies, to action blockbusters, Anne has brought a dewy-eyed innocence and huge smile to each film. Classically trained in the theatre and with an actress for a mother, her face has an expressiveness and adaptability that few can match.
And not just in the movies. Anne manages to easily adapt to real life. Without her trademark ruby-red lips and blush, her natural features still shine through. She doesn’t need long, luscious hair to show off her iconic beauty. Cover it with a beanie and snap her picture at just the wrong time, and she can still look more stylish than the rest of us.
Musician, fashionista, businesswoman, rights advocate. Is there anything that Beyoncé can’t do? From a start as the charismatic lead of Destiny’s Child, to a massively successful pop star in her own right, she’s won over millions of hearts and fans with her edgy lyrics and her own sweet brand of R&B.
Away from the crowds, she’s no different. She might look a little bit tired, and her eyebrows might not be perfectly plucked, but Beyoncé still has that inner fire and incredible hair that turned our heads in the first place. Her publicly rocky relationship with Jay-Z might make it sound like her love life is one big disaster zone, but one look at that face will tell you that she’s a lady who has really got it together.
Cameron Diaz
Cameron Diaz has made a career out of quirky, high-profile roles. Hailing from sunny California, the actress got her start as a fashion model. From there, she rose to stardom with stellar performances in The Mask and My Best Friend’s Wedding, which cemented her position as one of the most beautiful and successful actresses around today.
While she continues to surprise and delight us with her ability to shine in almost any role, she also surprises us by just how gracefully she’s aged. After 44 years and hundreds of screen appearances, she’s just as good-looking when the theatre paint comes off. With those piercing blue eyes and adorable cheeks, it’s no wonder she’s snagged the likes of Jared Leto, Justin Timberlake, and Benji Madden.
Khloe Kardashian
Khloe might be one of the less outspoken (and less outrageous) members of the Kardashian circus, but that doesn’t mean she’s not every bit as successful as her sisters. The 32-year-old entrepreneur has made more than a few lifetimes’ worth of cash with clothing, jewelry, and fragrance lines – not to mention being a radio personality and co-host on The X Factor. And, of course, that reality TV show that made her name.
Her most singular achievement, though, might be marrying NBA star Lamar Odom only a month after meeting him for the first time. One month! There must have been some magic in the air. Or maybe it’s just that she looks so gosh darn cute. Even without makeup, when most of us look like a bad passport photo, she’s still someone you want to snuggle up to on the sofa. Other people might make rude appearances, but we’re not going to. We’ll just bring the popcorn and some blankets.
Lady Gaga
If you dig out your Soprano DVDs, you might be able to spot an uncharacteristically natural cameo from a young Lady Gaga. Back then she was known simply as Stefani Germanotta. As her insanely successful and loveable weird pop career blew up, it became harder and harder to find her without some new and wacky stage personality. From the meat dress to her status as a gay icon and “Mother Monster”, we can almost never know who the real Lady Gaga is.
But we’ve found proof that she’s not just glamorous on the stage. That she was actually born that way. The real Lady Gaga may not have the fishnets and lack of pants, but she makes up for the raunchiness by being simply lovely. Her soft pale skin and jet-black hair remind us of some of our best high school friends. The ones you’d meet out for a movie, then burgers and shakes afterwards. Meet us at the mall, Stefani?
Demi Lovato
Apparently, 2017 is the year of Demi. The pop idol, actress, activist, and TV presenter is taking the year off from the high-pressure world, saying she’s “not meant for this business and the media.” It’s true that we all need a break every now and again, and with Demi’s apparent workload, we can forgive her for some me-time.
The only thing is, we’re not all that sure that she even is under any stress. I mean, look at those photos. Can you tell which one is with makeup, and which one is without? Have you ever seen a celebrity with more flawless skin and fewer worry-lines? If anything, we think she should be doing more work in 2017. She’s making us look bad.
Emma Stone
One of 2015’s most highly paid actresses, Scottsdale native Emma Stone has been destined for the screen from an early age. From 11 years old, Emma has been gracing the stage, television, and cinema with her trademark exuberance (and exuberant hair color), even being nominated for an Oscar and several Golden Globes.
Illustrious magazine Vogue has complimented her on her "sophisticated, perfectly put-together looks". They’re not the only ones to sit up and take notice. People, FHM, Men’s Health, and Esquire have all placed her on “Most Beautiful” lists. If you look at the pictures, it’s no wonder. Even when she’s out and about, without makeup and with a casual outfit thrown together, she somehow manages to look a million dollars.
Gisele Bundchen
Gisele Bundchen is no stranger to makeup. The statuesque Brazilian beauty has been modelling since she was 13 years old, and since then has been one of the highest-paid models in the world and a fixture both on the catwalk and the red carpet. Once seen on Leonardo DiCaprio’s arm, Gisele spends plenty of time perfecting her look as what Naomi Campbell calls “the only remaining true supermodel”.
The modeling industry has its fair share of fakers and wannabes, but Gisele is not one of them. Without the usual team of makeup artists and sculptors, she’s still a 100% genuine supermodel. They can do whatever they like with their brushes and blow-dryers, but all they’re doing is polishing a diamond. It might be shocking to us to see her “au naturel”, but that’s only because she’s still ravishing.
Jennifer Lawrence
Let’s pretend, for a second, that the extremely funny and extremely rich Jennifer Lawrence looks terrible without makeup. Let’s pretend that as amazing as she looks on stage while getting an Oscar, she doesn’t look half as good when she’s walking down the street with a soda in hand. Let’s be really silly and pretend that we wouldn’t stop her in the street, hair all over the place, and say thank you for existing in our earth.
Because she still looks good. She may be the highest paid actress on the planet, and she may donate more to our fellow humans than we ever will, but she’s still down to earth, witty, and genuine. There’s a certain attitude that it takes when you’re caught on camera walking down the street with a soda in hand. Her face more or less sums it up: “I’m gorgeous. Deal with it.”
Kylie Jenner
Having just celebrated her 16th birthday, Kylie Jenner has still got a long way to go in life. As a blessed offshoot of the Kardashian-Jenner family tree, she might already have the world in her lap. She’s got Drake performing at her parties and Kanye as an older brother. But we’ve got to be honest about one thing, Kylie: you’re not quite ready for makeup.
This is actually one of those odd moments where a woman’s beauty is diminished by lathering on the face paint. We’re not saying it’s terrible, or that she’s too young for it. It’s just that she’s a beautiful, healthy-looking girl who doesn’t have any need for all that. She should be worrying about crushes and exams, not lash length and lip shade. We want to let you in on a secret, Kylie: we all love you anyway.
Jennifer Lopez
Want to see what the real Jenny from the block looks like? Well, we’ve got some pictures for you. We’ve definitely got the J-Lo we’ve come to know and love. She has been a bit quiet over the past few years, but the one-time superstar and queen of the pop world has not lost one bit of her Latina siren looks.
And then there’s the other photo we dug up. The one where we stopped being fooled by the rocks that she got. She sits there at her makeup table, just a simple multimillionaire and hypnotic dancer, ready to take on the world. She’s smiling because she’s rich, dazzling, and talented. She’s happy because she still knows where she came from. Right out of our dreams.
Mila Kunis
Born and raised in Ukraine, Mila Kunis was always an unlikely choice to become a Hollywood celebrity. But since landing a starring role in That 70s Show at age 15, she’s never looked back. Her career has moved from strength to strength, and the now 33-year old has seen a résumé littered with awards nominations and blockbuster films.
Having said that, it’s hard to find something positive to say about this no-makeup paparazzi snap. She’s a wonderful actress, and an inspiring personality, but it looks to us like she should have just stayed in bed that day. To be honest, it might be nicer if we just say nothing at all about it. So Mila, you’re the best. And that sweater looks mighty comfortable.
Jennifer Aniston
What can we say about Jen-Ton that hasn’t been said already? Everyone’s seen Friends. Everyone knows that she used to work as a bike messenger and a receptionist. Everyone knows she looks far too good. Basically, everyone (including us) is jealous of her.
But we’ve got this photo that brings her down to our level, see? Where she hasn’t lifted a finger to look her best. Where her hair is, uh, well, still perfect. And her skin is – we grudgingly admit – still flawless. But her eyes are… okay. We’ll give up this game. It doesn’t matter where she is or what she’s doing. Jen-Ton will always be stunning.
Tyra Banks
Despite a childhood of being labeled an “ugly duckling”, Californian native Tyra Banks has flown higher than everyone else to become a media and fashion superstar. She started her modeling career at age 15 and three years later was strutting all over Paris Fashion Week. Now her name is everywhere: on TV, cosmetics, books, films and more.
As the host of America’s Next Top Model, Tyra would know how hard it can be to always look your best. She’s no stranger to the warts-n-all photo herself. Except she has no warts. Or any blemishes for that matter. No, underneath her daily makeup all we’ve found is a couple of cute clusters of freckles, and the same old wonderful Tyra.
Angelina Jolie
Hollywood’s power couple might be over, but Angelina Jolie will always be adored by millions of men and women. After an inauspicious start as a hot and geeky techno wiz in Hackers, Angelina quickly became the ultimate sex symbol of the nineties and noughties. Her battle with breast cancer and endless charity work in Africa only confirmed her caring yet strong nature.
She can never put a foot wrong (we’re going to ignore Mr. & Mrs. Smith). Even in her candid moments, away from the stress of the public eye, she’s positively luminous. She doesn’t need makeup to look and be incredible. Those famous lips, and that dazzling smile, will always be there. If Brad won’t have her, about 99% of the rest of the population will.
Britney Spears
What happened to Britney Spears? A quick trawl through Google tells us that she’s still recording, and still performing, but to be totally honest all that we remember of her is that shaved head and an incident involving driving without underwear. Hit Me Baby One More Time might still have us doing cheesy dances in the clubs, but the woman behind it seems to now just be a footnote in history.
So it comes as quite a shock to find that our Britney has really grown up. Gone is the schoolgirl outfit and the silly relationship with K-Fed. She’s got a serious haircut now, and a sober lifestyle. We’ve got to admit, she looks good. Even when the paparazzi remembers to hound her and she’s out for a coffee, Britney looks like she’s got it all together. At least, we’re pretty sure that’s just a coffee in her hand.
Emilia Clarke
It’s actually a little bit disturbing to think about how many Emilia Clarkes are wallpapering nerds’ computers everywhere. As Daenerys Targaryen in the HBO phenomenon Game of Thrones, she’s nailed the formula to appeal to sweaty, pimply guys everywhere. It’s pretty simple: a perfect body, a strong will, and dragons. That’s all you need to do, ladies, if you want to attract that socially awkward gamer in your life: raise a couple of dragons in the nude.
But what would all those nerds say if they saw her in real life? Without that ash blonde hair and the full HBO makeup crew? Just out and about, taking a dog for a walk or doing her banking? Well, they’d probably scream and run away. But that’s not because she looks terrible – quite the opposite. In fact, she looks so lovely and normal that we’d be a little bit frightened to talk to her, too.
Katy Perry
Confession time: we’re not actually big pop music fans. Second confession time: we’ve been to see Katy Perry in concert. Third confession time: she’s actually really, really good. She’s fun, she’s full of energy, and there’s a rawness and even rock attitude that makes her studio music sound ten times better. She’s a Teenage Dream, a California Gurl, and even sometimes Hot n Cold. But she kills it live.
From the look at these photos, it seems like she kills it in real life as well. That’s the Katy Perry that we’ve come to love: a fun, quirky woman who always looks like she’s having a blast. She doesn’t need to dress up and do her lipstick. She can just throw something together and it’s an instant party.
Kate Upton
If you’ve seen the hilarious videos of Kate Upton dancing, then you’d know how down to earth she really is. Alongside an extensive and high-profile modeling career (and some very exciting Sports Illustrated shoots), she’s a devout Christian and economics major. She says of her faith that she “wants a cross with me, at all times” and that she’s really “close with God”.
And why wouldn’t you be best buds with the big man? Heaven has poured its best ingredients into creating the wonder that is Kate Upton, the fifth sexiest woman on Models.com. A figure to die for, eyes you could lose yourself in, and a perfect heart-shaped face. We think that appearing without makeup might be a strategic choice rather than a lazy one: she just doesn’t want to be mobbed in the street.
Reese Witherspoon
It would be a hard task to find someone more adorable than Reese Witherspoon. She’s always funny, always chirpy, and always keeping out of trouble. Originally stealing our hearts as the 14-year old Dani in The Man in The Moon, she kept growing and kept getting better and better. Born in New Orleans but now firmly in Hollywood, Reese manages to shine in every role she plays.
There’s something about her smile that’s just infectious. No matter how much she dolls up for the cameras, she can’t hide that lust for life. It comes out even clearer when she’s captured candidly at a ball game or in the street. Even then she’s as happy and carefree as a lark. If only we knew her secret.
Kate Hudson
There’s only three words you need to describe Kate Hudson: bubbly, glowing, vivacious. The daughter of the iconic Goldie Hawn, she has got all of her mother’s warmth and humor and made it even better. She lights up every scene she plays in, whether it’s a light-as-foam romantic comedy or terrifying thriller.
Kate also proves the old maxim that blondes have more fun – or at least she looks like she is. Just as comfortable doing errands as wowing a star-studded film premiere, she never loses that winning smile and unshakeable confidence. No doubt it’s because she’s one of the most beautifully flawless, all-American girls on the planet.
Gwyneth Paltrow
For this one, we’re going to take the Sliding Doors idea and run with it. For example, what if she finished her Anthropology course instead of dropping out to act? What if in one life she was the acclaimed actress of such films as Shakespeare in Love and Iron Man, and in the other she was living with tribes in the Amazon?
In one life, she married Chris Martin from megaband Coldplay. In the other, she did a thesis on war drums and married a stuffy college professor. In one life, she walked the red carpet ten times a year and had an entourage of stylists to sculpt her every look. In the other, she forgot what makeup was, and was happy enough to wash the river mud off her feet. Now that we’ve caught a glimpse of her dual lives, we can confirm: she’s beautiful in both of them.
What do you get when you mix Croatian, Macedonian, Spanish, Slovak, Russian, and Chilean blood with an American cheerleader? In this weird world, a reality TV star and a single name: Snooki. The girl that everyone loves to hate on Jersey Shore was actually born Nicole Elizabeth Polizzi, though we can see how her nickname caught on.
Everybody knows that there’s not much “reality” in reality TV, and even less in Jersey Shore. But Snooki, who gets $150k an episode, has somehow managed to stay genuine. Maybe it’s because she spends so much time pretending to be real that she’s finally made it. Or maybe all that TV makeup has become permanently ingrained in her skin. Either way, she looks good in reality.
Kristen Stewart
When Kristen Stewart was cast as Bella in Twilight, she was a relatively unknown actress who had played a few bit parts in various films. Now, she’s the darling of Hollywood, settling comfortably into various roles and bringing her edgy, rebellious spirit to our screens. Since winning the Milan International Film Award for Best Actress she’s proven to be a versatile and magnetic personality.
Although she might be far less emo than her vamp-loving Bella was, it does still look like she needs some sun. We know that you’re working hard, Kristen, but those torturous teenage years are long behind you. True, she’s gorgeous with or without her makeup. And when she smiles (which is far often than you might realize) the room lights up. But please, Kristen, take a tropical holiday.
Mila Jovovich
From undead lover to undead battler. Mila Jovovich has been a stalwart of the film industry for many years, but it wasn’t until she kicked some serious ass in the Resident Evil franchise that everyone’s eyes opened up to her fierce beauty. Who cares if we still can’t pronounce her name – that only adds to the exotic allure.
And what an allure it is. Her big trademark smile doesn’t need lipstick to accentuate it. Even in her natural moments, the Ukrainian-born model can’t lose her radiance. In fact, she seems a lot warmer and approachable when she’s mooching around without makeup. Maybe we just forget that she’s singlehandedly stopped the zombie apocalypse.
Katie Holmes
For many people, the mention of Katie Holmes simply draws a raised eyebrow and the unasked question: why did she ever date that couch-jumper? But poor husband choices aside (just kidding, Tom, we still love you), she’s an incredible actor, wonderful mother, and all around super human being. There was Dawson’s Creek, her turn in Pieces of April, a successful run on Broadway, and she lit up the dark screen in Batman Begins.
Being one half of TomKat would have been an exhausting and very public life, but Katie shows no signs of having let it wear her down. The smile might be halfway to a grimace, and her hair might be battling a breeze, but she’s still as cute as a button and has a keen fashion sense. If Suri gets just a half of her looks, she’ll take over Tinseltown.
Katherine Heigl
Katherine Heigl should have the natural look down pat. Rising to fame as “Izzie” Stevens on Grey’s Anatomy, her portrayal of a hard working doctor should have involved looking realistically worn and tired. The trouble is that she left the show and went into romantic comedies such as Knocked Up and 27 Dresses.
She must have gotten used to looking like a 50s movie starlet, because she hasn’t quite remembered how to look good without makeup. The blanket, bags under the eyes, and haunted look makes her seem like she’s just been rescued from a sinking ship. Grey’s Anatomy is still running, though. So she might be just preparing for a return.
Hilary Duff
In the world of childhood stars turned global phenomena, Hilary Duff now gets overlooked by the more outrageous lifestyles of people like Miley Cyrus, Selena Gomez, and Macauley Culkin. Essentially, she’s got an image problem: she’s just too much of a sweetheart. But with five studio albums and 15 million albums in sales, she deserves our attention.
It seems that not even a raw photo of her will spark a controversy. Yet again, she slips under the radar by just looking, well, normal. Even without makeup, the worst that we see of her is a great looking chick with a heart-meltingly cute face. And a solid, ever-evolving musical career. Hilary, we want you back in our lives.
Poor Fergie has had her fair share of battles. But even though she’s fought substance abuse, and the indignity of being in a band with an increasingly terrible musical direction (sorry to all the fans), she still keeps her head up high. Part of it could be the fact that she still looks stunning, and part of it could be dating the very spicy Josh DuHamel.
Even in her darkest days (“I Gotta Feeling”, we’re looking at you), she comes up trumps. That cheeky grin on her cherubic face has stayed no matter what odds have been stacked up against her, or how little makeup she applies in the morning. Stay strong, Fergie. And please go back to being a real rock band.
Jennifer Garner
As the double-agent superspy in Alias, Jennifer Garner got not only a lot of accolades but a lot of wigs. Even though she’s struggled with some roles since, her penchant for disguise has carried over to her regular life. Look carefully at the photo above. On the right, she’s just a simple girl from Texas who made it big in Hollywood.
In the left picture, though, you can see that she’s gone undercover. The sunglasses in her hands is a dead giveaway. It’s clear what she’s doing: in order to infiltrate the real world, she’s disguised herself as a hot mom with a continuously successful career. We almost wouldn’t have seen it if it wasn’t for that perfect face. It’s almost impossible to mistake that for someone else’s.
Debra Messing
The sitcom landscape of the early noughties was defined by one show and one person: Will & Grace’s Debra Messing. For eight years she dominated the screen with co-star Eric McCormack and made a lot of our nights a heap more fun. Since then we haven’t seen her too much, but after 16 Emmy wins and an incredible 83 nominations, we can forgive her for resting on her laurels.
We can also forgive her the braless, M&M-smuggling look, because a) free the nipple, and b) she is – most of the time – one very classy lady. And no matter what, she’s retained that bold and delicious fiery red hair that has become her trademark. Cheer up, Debra – you’ll always be a star to us.
Eva Longoria.
She may have been around before, but Eva Longoria really burst into the public mind as the sizzling Gabrielle Solis in Desperate Housewives. All of a sudden, men everywhere were asking their surprised wives if they could watch television together. Eva’s not just a looker: with a Bachelor of Science from Corpus Christi, she’d got smarts, too.
Apparently enough smarts to realize that wearing makeup is not always necessary. When you’ve got Mexican-American blood running through your veins, what on earth would you need to cover up? Certainly not the complexion of a bronzed goddess, or hair like a chocolate waterfall, or that face. She’s definitely got it figured out.
Amanda Seyfried
When Amanda Seyfried talks of her early days as a model, she says she “was naturally skinny and had braces, so I wasn't a cute model. I never felt pretty.” Well, those times are long past. Nowadays, Amanda’s grown out of the braces and into a stellar career on TV (Veronica Mars) and film (Mamma Mia, Les Miserables). She’s also one of the most gorgeous women in Los Angeles.
As a model, Amanda sure knows how to apply just the right accents for her achingly pretty German-English mix of features. And as a real-life person who sometimes can’t be bothered with makeup, she sure knows how to make herself look wonderful anyway. There’s also something of a college crush aura about her. She’s that pretty girl who demolishes you in English Lit class and you instantly fall in love.
Julianne Hough
There’s something about Julianne Hough that we just can’t define. Sure, she’s extremely good looking, and – if Dancing with The Stars has proven anything – she can cut a rug with the best of them. But there’s something else. A certain grace. Wit. Poise. Basically, she seems like she’d be a lot of fun.
Despite a terrible time in London in her youth, where she was “abused, mentally, physically, everything,” Julianne bounced back to become the sparkling personality that we see on the stage and TV today. Just one look at Julianne without her makeup will confirm it. Whatever it is, she’s got it no matter what.
Anna Kournikova
She may have never risen to the ranks of players like Serena Williams and Martina Hingis, but who cared? With her blonde Russian bombshell looks, Anna Kournikova paved the way for female athletes that were both hot, athletic, and every bit as good as their male counterparts. Her ranking never mattered – when she played, who was watching the scoreboard, anyway?
Because she graced our magazine covers so often, a picture of her without airbrushing and without makeup can seem nothing like the Anna we dreamt about. But we often forget that she never wore makeup on the court. It wasn’t just her face that we were attracted to. It was her style, her fluidity of movement, and her quick and graceful movements around the net. Up close she may have looked worn out, but from our seats she played like an angel.
Kerry Washington
Sometimes it isn’t until later in life that an actress really blooms. While she had a number of minor roles from 2004 onwards, it took Kerry Washington 35 years of her life to have a TV breakthrough in Scandal. As Olivia Pope she has grabbed the attention of viewers and critics alike, and has been nominated for two Emmy awards, a Screen Actors Guild award, and a Golden Globe.
In Scandal, she plays a crisis management expert working with the most powerful politicians in the US. When the makeup comes off, she faces a complexion crisis of her own. The TV must have her taught her well, though. Somehow she loses none of that natural glow and enduring beauty, and her eyes still speak volumes. The greatest shock is that she hasn’t been discovered sooner.
Not a day goes by that Madonna isn’t gracing the cover of some glossy magazine or making waves on the web. The world can’t get enough of Madonna, and neither can we. We’ve talked before about her surprising early career choices here on LifestylePassion, but it’s her enduring status as the queen of pop (and some surprising fashion choices) that has immortalized her in the eyes of millions of fans.
She’s comfortable with controversy, too. From bold political statements to massive film flops – and that outrageous leotard – Madonna takes it all in her stride. Which is a good thing, since it means she won’t let a couple of terrible photos get her down. But it’s not really the lack of makeup that makes them terrible. To be perfectly honest, for an almost-sixty-year-old, she’s looking damn fine. It’s more a case of being at the wrong place, at the wrong time, with the wrong look on her face.
Sharon Stone
Most (in)famously known for the steamy thriller Basic Instinct, Sharon Stone has been dazzling our cinemas for decades. After a swag of star turns and countless movies, including Casino, The Mighty, and Lovelace, she has taken her celebrity power and turned it into a force for good. Her recent charitable works have included travelling to Israel to promote peace in the Middle East, and working with HIV sufferers in Africa.
Although always elegant on the red carpet, there are times when those nosy cameras don’t do her justice. But after 58 years of bringing her best to all of us, we think that Sharon’s allowed an off day or three. And she’s not trying to hide her true self through facelifts and Botox. Sharon’s just showing all of us how to age gracefully.
Rose Byrne
In the States, Australia’s Rose Byrne is probably best known for her work opposite Glenn Close in Damages and her hilariously deadpan role in Bridesmaids. But the jaw-droppingly lovely actress has been around for far longer in her home country. Born in inner-west Sydney, she actually began acting classes at the age of eight and had her first role at age 13. Her talent and dedication to the craft shines through.
In Australia, of course, there’s no need for makeup – just sun and sea. Rose Byrne knows that, even if she has transplanted to the land of opportunity. Just look at that face. Unblemished, unwrinkled, unworried. She looks like she’s sitting down for a latte at Bondi Beach. That carefree attitude from Down Under hasn’t left her.
Pamela Anderson
Here are some fun facts you might not know about Pammy. She was discovered on the Jumbotron at a Canadian Football League game. She was the first baby to be born on the 100th anniversary of Canada’s founding. She’s appeared on more covers of Playboy than any other model in history. And she’s lovely lady with a Bachelor’s Degree in Robotics.
Okay, we made that last one up. But she really is one lovely lady. While most of you were looking down, the more refined among us were looking at her face. And what a face. A graduate of the 80s “more is more” makeup school, Pammy actually looks far better without all that coverage. Strip the paint back and underneath is a down-to-earth hottie who deserves every adoring look she gets.
Kelly Osbourne
Kelly Osbourne is the chameleon of celebrity life. She has gone through every metamorphosis possible. From Ozzy’s goth daughter, to reality TV celebrity, to successful singer, to charity worker, Kelly really has done it all. Now that she’s finished up with MTV’s Fashion Police, what’s next for the spiky purple-haired wonder?
Whatever it is, it hopefully involves dropping by the store to pick up some lipstick. We don’t want to be totally harsh here, but this is not the most flattering photo of Kelly around. We’re actually struggling to find something complimentary to say. And our mother always told us that if you can’t find anything good to say, keep your trap shut. So…. how about them Yankees, huh?
Jessica Biel
Jessica Biel is one classy dame. She’s helped raise awareness about the global water crisis, partnered up with a world organization to improve sexual education, and on top of all that she’s a magnificently nuanced actress. And yet somehow she manages to keep the scandals to a minimum and her private life out of the public lens. Until today, we hadn’t even heard that she was married to Justin Timberlake.
You can’t catch her at an unguarded moment. She’s always ready for the cameras, and always looking stunning. No appearance of hers leaves tongues (or fingers) wagging in disappointment and rumor. Jessica’s just a wise woman with the smarts to navigate the piranha pool of entertainment reporting, and the ability to come out winning, every time.
Jessica Simpson
With a voice that is often compared to Mariah Carey, Whitney Houston, and Celine Dion, Jessica Simpson has been serenading fans across the world for more than ten years. That’s not the only thing she does, either – she’s also a prosperous businesswoman, model, actress, fashion designer, and polo player. Basically, a dream woman.
Growing up in Abilene and Dallas, Texas, in even her most uncomplimentary photo she’s the very epitome of a Southern belle. That long, wavy blonde hair, the fair yet luminous skin, the dimples you could lose a penny in. No matter where she is or what situation she’s in, she looks like a million dollars. She’s could be working as a trash collector and she’d still blow our minds.

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50 Extraordinary Women You Won't Believe Actually Exist

Luke Chase May 25th 2016 Entertainment
It's likely that the women in your day to day life are pretty "normal" in appearance. So when you see someone whose appearance differs from what you expect it to be, it can be kind of a shock. The ladies in the following slideshow are definitely far from average. Some of these women spent thousands of dollars on plastic surgery, tattoos, or body piercings. Others are born with strange birth defects such as excessive facial hair, a gigantic butt or even an 8 inch tongue. See for yourself!
Lauren Williams: 4 Foot Long Legs
Lauren Williams has the longest-known legs in the United States, with her eye-catching limbs measuring an incredible 49 inches from hip to heel. Lauren's height and long-legged genes can be attributed to her family as her father, mother and twin sisters are all 6ft or taller. She has US size 11 feet (UK size 10), and revealed that she can find it tricky to buy clothes that fit. When modelling, single Lauren - who has worked on campaigns for global brands such as Nike - does everything from sports and fitness to high fashion and swimwear.
Having played volleyball in college, as well as being extremely active, Lauren also enjoys shooting sporty campaigns. As well as modelling, Lauren works as an educator at a children's museum in Houston and enjoys travelling. When out and about, her striking looks and long limbs mean she gets comments about her legs on a daily basis.
Pixee Fox: Dangerously Small Waist
Swedish born Pixee Fox had already spent more than $80,000 on plastic surgery attempting to sculpt the perfect hourglass figure. But now she has taken her obsession even further by having 6 of her lower ribs removed - so she can shrink her waist to a record-breaking 14 inches. Pixee, from Sweden, said: "People often come up to me and say, "don't take this the wrong way, but you look like a cartoon" - but for me that's a compliment, that's what I want to achieve.
With 6 of her lower ribs removed, Pixee's lower internal organs, including the liver, have lost some of their natural protection - but she isn't worried. She said: "Before if I was in a car crash I would normally break my ribs. If that happened now I'm probably going to break my spleen instead. In total she has had four rhinoplasties costing $14,000; four breast augmentations of 200cc, 525cc, 800cc and 1400cc costing $28,500; two rounds of liposuction at $5,000; two upper eyelid surgeries at $6,000; a labiaplasty costing $4,000; a Brazilian butt lift at $9,000 and cool-sculpting, cheek injections, and lip injections at about $12,000.
Bethany Hamilton: One Armed Pro Surfer
Bethany Meilani Hamilton-Dirks is an American professional surfer who survived a 2003 shark attack in which her left arm was bitten off, but ultimately returned to-and was victorious in-professional surfing. On October 31, 2003 Hamilton, aged 13 at the time, went for a morning surf along Tunnels Beach, Kauai, with best friend Alana Blanchard, Alana's father, Holt, and brother Byron. Around 7:30 a.m., with numerous turtles in the area, she was lying on her surfboard with her left arm dangling in the water, when a 14-foot tiger shark attacked her, severing her left arm just below the shoulder.
Despite the trauma of the incident, Hamilton was determined to return to surfing. Three weeks after the incident, she returned to her board. Initially, she adopted a custom-made board that was longer and slightly thicker than standard and had a handle for her right arm, making it easier to paddle, and she learned to kick more to make up for the loss of her left arm. After teaching herself to surf with one arm, on January 10, 2004, she entered a major competition. She now uses standard competitive performance short-boards. The broken surfboard that Hamilton was riding during the attack is on display at the California Surf Museum
Mayra Hills: World's Largest Fake Breasts
Mayra Hills - also known as Beshine - measures at 59-28-36 and says she's the proud owner of the world's largest fake breasts. And it's not hard to believe her claim to fame, considering each of her breasts have 10,000 cc of saline implants and weigh 20 pounds a piece! As you can imagine, it's difficult for Beshine, who wears a size 32Z bra, to find clothes that fit, so the German-born woman has a lot of her items custom-made.
But bra shopping isn't her only woe. She can no longer tie her own shoes and has run into trouble when she's knocked things over with her chest - but it appears she's satisfied with her body, troubles and all. "Some people maybe think the sheer size of my t-ts bring too many handicaps in my everyday life, but hey, having big boob problems is amazing," she wrote on her blog.
Anastasiya Shpagina: Real Life Anime Girl
It's official, this real-life anime trend has gotten completely out of hand. Hardly a day goes by that we don't stumble upon some photos of girls going to any lengths in order to look like real live anime characters. Today's example, Anastasiya Shpagina, an Ukrainian girl who has even taken a Japanese name - Fukkacumi. 19-year-old Anastasiya (Nastya) Shpagina has been called "the new Barbie" by national news outlets, but she later revealed she's striving to become a real-life Japanese anime character, not a doll. She even posted "I am not like a doll, a doll is like me."
Apparently, Nastya has been passionate about makeup even as a young child, always experimenting with it in the mirror. Over time she also developed a thing for Japanese cartoons and it was only a matter of time before she started using her make-up artist skills to transform herself into a real-life anime girl. But just putting on makeup wasn't enough to attain that coveted look, so she decided to lose weight in order to seem more genuine. At 1.58-meters-tall, Anastasiya weighs just 39 kilos and is trying to lose one more in order to look just right.
Chanel Tapper: World's Longest Tongue
The longest female tongue measures 9.75 cm (3.8 in) from the tip to the middle of lip and was achieved by Chanel Tappe on 29 September 2010. Chanel, from Houston, US, shot to fame aged 13 when she was spotted sticking out her monster tongue in a YouTube video. In September Guinness invited Chanel to Los Angeles where they measured her tongue and she narrowly beat two other female contenders to the record.
She said: "I have always been silly and goofy. I love sticking my tongue out at people. I started doing that back in school. I've never had a problem with having a long tongue, it's just fun." Chanel now has set her sights set on Hollywood after finishing her studies. She said: "I'd love to be in a movie. I'm certainly pretty dramatic, so I think I could have the acting gift. "Really, I'd love to meet Adam Sandler, he's my favorite."
Sarah Massey: World's Largest Butt
Sarah Massey would be just another 33-year-old mother-of-two from Chicago - if it weren't for the fact that she also happens to have the world's biggest butt. Though not officially recognized by the prudes at Guinness, Massey's massive 7-foot wide keister requires a pair of 10XL trousers that would comfortably fit all of the Kardashian sisters combined.
Massey insists the condition that resulted in her museum-sized bubble butt is hereditary - "there's nothing I can do about it," she says - but that her love of ice cream certainly contributed to its maintenance. Massey would still like to lose some weight, but says she now has a new-found appreciation for her natural assets, and fervently defends them against anyone who calls them fake. "Some people can't believe one person can have this much butt," she told Barcroft. "Because I've got a relatively small frame on top they say, 'that can't be real.' I carry this weight with me all the time, everywhere I go, it's definitely not fake. Big booties are just in my blood."
Zlata: Extreme Flexibility
Russian-born former gymnast Zlata, 29, posed in leather and lingerie to adopt a series of poses that seem to defy every law of biology. Zlata, who now lives in Germany, is able to create astounding shapes with her body and is so flexible she can cram herself into a 50cm square box. One of her favorite acts is to bend backwards at a 90 degree angle, so the back half of her hands touch her feet and she can also peer through her own legs from behind.
Zlata's gift of flexibility was discovered when she was four years old and by six she was training as a contortionist at a circus school. She has a rare condition which makes all her tendons extremely pliable, which helps in her profession. The former gymnast now spends most of her day working out and training for shows around the world. In 2011 she set the Guinness World Record for the most beer bottles opened in a minute using only your feet.
Kim Goodman: Eyeball Protrusion
Kim Goodman is a woman who is able to pop her eyes out of her eye sockets by 12 millimeters (0.47 inches). She holds the world record for the farthest eyeball protrusion. She lives in Chicago, Illinois. She discovered her eyeball popping talent one day when she was hit on the head with a hockey mask. Her eyeballs popped out much further than usual and ever since that day she could pop them out on cue, as well as when she yawns.
She has appeared on the Late Show with David Letterman. In 2004, Goodman was included by Guinness World Records in their 50th anniversary list of top ten "feats" of all time. Kim originally had the record for being able to extend her eye balls beyond her eye sockets by 10mm. This was matched a few years by a new contender, but when Kim was re-measured she found she could now reach 12mm - breaking her own record and keeping the title.
Natalia Partyka: One Armed Table Tennis Champ
Natalia Partyka (born 27 July 1989) is a Polish table tennis player. Born without a right hand and forearm, she participates in competitions for able-bodied athletes as well as in competitions for athletes with disabilities. Partyka reached the last 32 of the London 2012 Olympic women's table tennis. Partyka began playing table tennis at the age of seven. She won her first international table tennis medal in 1999 at the disabled World Championships. At the age of 11, she competed at the 2000 Summer Paralympics in Sydney, becoming the world's youngest ever Paralympian. In 2004, she won a gold medal in the singles event and silver in the team event at the Athens Paralympics.
Partyka competed for Poland both the 2008 Summer Olympics and the 2008 Summer Paralympics in Beijing - one of only two athletes to do so, the other being Natalie du Toit in swimming. They were her third Paralympic Games, and her first Olympics. Competing in class 10 at the Beijing Paralympics, she won gold by defeating China's Fan Lei by three sets to nil. In 2008, she won a gold medal in the singles event and a silver in the team event at the Beijing Paralympics, repeating her Athens Paralympics result.
Supatra Sasuphan: World's Hairiest Girl
Her nicknames may include "wolf girl" and "monkey face". But 11-year-old Thai girl Supatra Sasuphan today insisted that she was after being officially recognised as the world's hairiest girl. Although the schoolgirl from Bangkok has faced merciless teasing at school, Supatra says being given a Guinness World Record for her hair has helped her become extremely popular. "I'm very happy to be in the Guinness World Records! A lot of people have to do a lot to get in," she said. "All I did was answer a few questions and then they gave it to me."
Supatra is one of just 50 known sufferers of Ambras Syndrome - caused by a faulty chromosome - to be documented since the Middle Ages. Before the disease was understood, sufferers were branded "werewolves." She has thick hair growing over her face, ears, arms, legs and back. Even laser treatment has failed to stop the hair growth. But while most sufferers have been shunned, Supatra has gradually been embraced by her community, and became a popular and outgoing child.
Jasmine Tridevil: Woman With 3 Breasts
There's really no other way to put this so we're just going to dive in: Meet Jasmine Tridevil. She has three breasts. Tridevil (no that's not her real name, but that's what she wants to go by) is a 21-year-old licensed massage therapist and die-hard Criss Angel fan from Florida who decided to undergo a shocking and controversial $20,000 surgery to add a third breast to her chest.
Tridevil also stated that she's hoping to bank a reality show from this, and has already put the wheels in motion to make something happen. "I was making really good money [being a licensed massage therapist] but now I'm trying to star in a reality show instead. I don't like that job," she shared, and later added, "My whole dream is to get this show on MTV. I hired a camera crew individually, so I'm the producer of this show right now."
Lyudmila Titchenkova: World's Longest Neck
Lyudmila Titchenkova is a 16-year-old living in the city of Nikolaev, Ukraine. After she turned 10, Lyudmila's parents noticed that their daughter's body began developing at an accelerated growth rate. She was taller and had longer arms than other children her age, but of particular concern was the length of her neck and abnormal curvature of her spine.
As it got to the point where Lyudmila began feeling embarrassed to go out because of her appearance, her parents took her to the hospital, where she was diagnosed with Marfan Syndrome, a rare genetic disorder of the connective tissue that can affect many parts of the body, most often the heart, blood vessels, bones, joints and eyes. In Lyudmila's case, the disorder affected the connective tissue in her spine, causing it to curve at an angle of 30 degrees. This seems to be a rather uncommon symptom of the disorder, which usually affect people's arms, legs and fingers. After undergoing corrective surgery and extensive rehabilitation to straighten her spine, Lyudmila can now live normally and says she wants to study for her future without letting herself be affected by her disorder.
Abigail and Brittany Hensel: Girl With Two Heads
Abigail Loraine "Abby" Hensel and Brittany Lee Hensel (born March 7, 1990) are dicephalic parapagus twins, meaning that they are conjoined twins, each of whom has a separate head, but whose bodies are joined. They are highly symmetric for conjoined twins, giving the appearance of having just a single body without marked variation from normal proportion. In fact, several vital organs are doubled up; each twin has a separate heart, stomach, spine, lungs, and spinal cord.
In conversation, the twins are clearly distinct persons, with distinct likes and dislikes. Their preferences in food, clothing color, etc., differ. Some of their clothes are altered by their seamstress so that they have two separate necklines in order to emphasize their individuality. They will usually have separate meals, but sometimes will share a single meal for the sake of convenience (e.g. each taking a bite of the same hamburger). Abby is better at mathematics, and Brittany is better at writing. For tasks such as responding to email, they type and respond as one, anticipating each other's feelings with little verbal communication between them.
Natasha Veruschka: Sword Swallower
Natasha Veruschka has the world record for most swords swallowed simultaneously by a female. She swallowed 13 swords, each at least 38.1 cm (15 in) long, at the 3rd Annual Sideshow Gathering and Sword Swallowers Convention in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania, USA, on 3 September 2004. Natasha was born in India of white russian and british heritage. She has lived, studied, and performed her art around the world and also speaks several different languages.
Natasha now lives in New York City. She is an amazing performer who uses many different types of swords in her act or as she likes to say "Swords On The Menu." The swords on the menu are - "The Red devil" 29 inches long, "The Big Sword" 27 1/2 inches long, "The Bradshaw Sword" 25 inches long, "The Sai Weapons" two 24 inch long eight-sided weapons of steel. Natasha trained with a "Sai Master" in order to use them in her act. Also on the menu is the unbelieveable "Sword Sandwich" where she swallows 13-22 inch long swords simultaneously.
Elaine Davidson: Most Body Piercings
Elaine Davidson is the "Most Pierced Woman" according to the Guinness World Records. Since first receiving a skin piercing in January 1997, Elaine Davidson has been pierced a total of 4,225 times as of 8 June 2006. The former restaurant owner is constantly adding and replacing jewelery, mostly in her face. She enhances her exotic looks with tattoos and brightly coloured make-up, and often wears feathers and streamers in her hair.
She has more piercings in her genitalia than in any other part of the body - 500 in all, externally and internally. The total weight of her internal piercings is estimated to be about 3 kilograms. As of May 2008, Davidson's piercings total 5,920. As of Feb. 2009 her piercings total 6,005. In March 2010, Davidson reported a total of 6,725 piercings. As of March 2012, she has over 9,000. As of may 2016, she has 9,800. She was born in Brazil and is a former nurse. She does not drink or use drugs. She now resides in Edinburgh, Scotland.
Jyoti Amge: World's Shortest Woman
Jyoti Amge (born 16 December 1993) is an Indian actress notable for being the world's smallest living woman according to Guinness World Records. Jyoti Amg hails from Nagpur, India. She weighs 11 pounds and stands at 23 inches, according to Guinness World Records. Jyoti Amg has a "form of dwarfism called achondroplasia," Guinness says.
On her fame, Jyoti Amg says, "I don't like it if I am being held like a baby," but that she will let some people and fans pick her up. She also gets "mad when someone annoys me by touching my hair or keeps touching me without permission." "I love acting in this show," she says. "My biggest dream is that I go to Hollywood and become an actress."
Cara Anaya: Chronic Orgasms Disorder
The 30-year-old Arizona mother lives with Persistent Genital Arousal Disorder (PGAD), a condition that can leave her feeling sexually aroused for up to six hours a day. "The one day that I decided to count how many orgasms I had in one sitting, I counted 180 in two hours," she told Barcroft TV. "Pretty much, with that type of number, you're having two or three in a minute." Anaya has seen a number of health specialists but has not been able to find treatment.
The condition has created difficulties in her relationship with husband Tony Carlisi, who initially thought she was crazy when he first learned about it. "I would say the most difficult thing is seeing my wife in pain and knowing there's nothing I can do to help her," he said. As a result of the condition, Cara has to avoid being out in public or open spaces like parks. She said: "It is ruining my life, because it messes with your head. Your body is running on a high, on an up and down, so it really affects your moods."
Aevin Dugas: World's Largest Afro
The largest afro measures 18.5 cm (7.3 in) high, 19.6 cm (7.7 in) wide and 132.1 cm (4 ft 4 in) in circumference and was achieved by Aevin Dugas, in New Orleans, USA on 4 October 2010. Proud of her record-breaking afro, Aevin Dugas says her hair is inspiring legions of women to ditch chemical straighteners and "go natural". The 37-year-old, whose hair entered the Guinness Book of Records at 4ft 4ins around, says everyone from toddlers to grandmothers are following in her footsteps.
Aevin said: "At one time I strived to get hair that was bone straight and now all I want is it big and poofy". She believes her voluminous hair may have grown even bigger, but she cannot reveal its size until Guinness take an official measurement. "When my hair is stretched out to its complete length and pressed, it goes down to my butt. But I don't wear it like that because it looks weird."
Aimee Mullins: Amputee Athlete
Aimee Mullins (born July 20, 1976 in Allentown, Pennsylvania) is an American athlete, actress, and fashion model who first became famous for her athletic accomplishments. She was born with a medical condition that resulted in the amputation of both of her lower legs. Mullins was born with fibular hemimelia (missing fibula bones) and as a result, had both of her legs amputated below knee when she was one year old. A graduate of Parkland High School in Allentown and Georgetown University in Washington, D.C., she took up sports and acting at an early stage.
As a young softball player, she once held the youth league record for stolen bases in softball. She also raced in downhill skiing while in high school. While attending Georgetown University on a full academic scholarship to the prestigious School of Foreign Service there, she competed against able-bodied athletes in NCAA Division I track and field events, and is the first amputee in history, male or female, to compete in the NCAA. Honoring her achievement and cultural contribution to sport, Mullins is included as one of the "Greatest Women of the 20th Century" in the Women's Museum in Dallas, Texas.
Julia Gnuse: Most Tattooed Woman
Julia Gnuse, commonly known by the nickname "The Illustrated Lady," born in 1959, has 95% of her body (including her face) covered in tattoos and holds the Guinness Record for being the most tattooed woman in the world. In her mid 30s, Gnuse developed porphyria, a condition in which sunlight results in blistering of the skin. As the blisters often result in scarring, she began getting tattoos as a way to cover up the scars, which can get as deep as third degree burns. A friend of Gnuse's who was a plastic surgeon had suggested she get her skin tattooed in a pale skin tone color, similar to the color of her scars. This was attempted but didn't turn out the way they had hoped.
The tattoos do not prevent the skin from blistering as they are purely aesthetic. Instead she decided to try colorful tattoos, consisting of a variety of themes including: her favorite cartoons, her favorite actors and even a self portrait. Gnuse has appeared on the tv show Ripley's Believe it or Not. She also had a small role in Aerosmith's music video for their song Pink.
Valeria Lukyanova: Real Life Barbie Doll
Valeria Valeryevna Lukyanova is a Moldovan-born Ukrainian model and entertainer, notable for her resemblance to a Barbie doll, with several sources describing her as, among other handles, a "real-life Barbie doll" and "human Barbie". To enhance the effect Lukyanova uses makeup and contact lenses over her naturally green eyes. She has stated that she has had breast implants, but that the rest of her body is completely natural and slender due to daily gym workouts and a special diet.
She asserts that her slender figure is a result of a good diet involving small amounts of raw fish and fresh fruit juice, and a punishing exercise regimen. It's no wonder that Lukyanova has drawn comparisons to Mattel's iconic figurine - but she insists she finds this insulting. Lukyanova does not drink or smoke, and claims that she is working towards a state of being which will be able to survive on no food at all.
Annie Hawkins-Turner: World's Largest Natural Breasts
The largest breasts belongs to Annie Hawkins-Turner (aka Norma Stitz) (USA) who has an under breast measurement of 109.22 cm (43 in) and an around chest-over-nipple measurement of 177.8 cm (70 in). She currently wears a US size 52I bra, the largest made, but by American bra estimation, these measurements would put her in a 48V bra, which is not manufactured.
Annie says that her record-breaking bust began developing at the age of nine "I just started growing, and kept right on. I started wearing a bra when I was in third grade, and it was a regular grown-up woman's bra. I don't remember ever weaing a training bra." Annie was awarded her Guinness World Records title in 2000. "It made me feel like a million bucks. It's such an honour. This will go down in history. It's something I will always cherish."
Emma Morano: World's Oldest Person
Guinness World Records confirmed that Ms. Emma Martina Luigia Morano of Vercelli, Italy, is now the world's Oldest living person. Born on 29 November 1899, Ms. Morano is 116 years old, as of May 2016. Ms. Morano is believed to be the last person living born in the 19th century. Raised in Vercelli, she moved to Verbania on the shores of Lake Maggiore, Italy. She married in 1926 and has lived there, in the same small apartment, ever since. She loves her home, her collection of watches and her big bed.
Emma married in 1926 and gave birth to a child who tragically passed away when he was only 6 months old. It was a loss of unimaginable pain for Emma. Her marriage was not working and in 1938, she took the difficult decision to leave her husband, and did not marry again. Extraordinarily, Emma followed the same diet for around 90 years - three eggs per day (two raw, one cooked), fresh Italian pasta and a dish of raw meat.
Erika Ervin: World's Tallest Model
Erika Ervin known professionally as Amazon Eve, is an American transgender model, fitness trainer, and actress. She has appeared on the cover of Australian magazine Zoo Weekly and played a recurring character on American Horror Story: Freak Show. At 6 feet 8 inches (2.03 m) tall, news stories have called her "the world's tallest model".
Ervin ventured to obtain roles as an actress but gave up on the idea when she was constantly offered roles as an alien or monster. Later she studied law and exercise physiology. Tired of the office life that she had pursued and unhappy with her weight, she joined a gym but strived for an unrealistic size 0 physique that almost resulted in ending her life. Eventually she developed a healthier body image and began to view herself as a super-sized version of Super Woman and became a personal trainer devoted to instilling realistic expectations for herself and her clients. She tours the world participating in height comparison photo shoots and regular modeling jobs and posts her tour on her website.
Becca Meyers: Athlete Born Deaf
Becca Meyers, 20, who attends Franklin & Marshall, was born deaf and was diagnosed with Usher syndrome, a genetic disorder that causes gradual balance and vision loss. She broke a world record in swimming and won the ESPY Award for the Best Female Athlete with a Disability. In 2014, Meyers set two world records (400 freestyle and 200 IM) and earned six medals (four gold, two silver) at the Pan Pacific Para-Swimming Championships.
"It's amazing how being nominated and winning for Paralympics brings a lot of awareness to the sport [of swimming]," she said. "That's one of the reasons I do this is to raise awareness and give back. If you asked me five years ago, I wouldn't have believed I'd be in this position [to win an ESPY and give back]. It's a roller coaster and I'm still on the ride enjoying it."
Mikel Ruffinelli: World's Largest Hips
Mikel Ruffinelli (born 1972) is an American woman who currently holds the record of widest hips in the world, according to the World Record Academy. Her weight is more than 420 pounds (190 kg) and her hips measures an unusual 8 feet (2.4 m) in circumference, although her waist is only 3 feet 4 inches (102 cm). She is 5 feet 4 inches tall.
Mikel was a normal-sized young woman and in her early 20s weighed an above average 180 pounds. But at 22, she put on 56 pounds after having first child Andrew. After daughters Destynee, Autumn, and Justyce, followed, her weight and hips ballooned further. She eats an average 5,000 calories a day. Possibly this extraordinary fat tissue accumulation turns out to be an advanced stage of a medical condition called Lipedema.
Aneta Florczyk: World's Strongest Woman
Aneta Florczyk began her strength sports career when she was young. At 16 years old she began competing in powerlifting, where she quickly found success. At 19 years old she was the junior Polish champion in the bench press. She repeated this feat again at 23, as well as becoming the junior European record holder in the deadlift. She found further success winning gold in the Polish Cup and getting the Polish record in the 82.5kg class with a total of over 500kg. She has deadlifted 250kg (550lb) for a single repetition and 220kg (485lb) for 6 reps.
Here she transitioned from the world of powerlifting to strongwoman, where her greatest victories would be found. She first competed in strongwoman in 2002. Shortly afterwards she entered the 2003 World's Strongest Woman competition and shockingly took first place. She won 3 more times consecutively in 2005, 2006 and 2008 (the competition was unfortunately not held in 2004, 2007, 2009 or 2010) to total 4 World's Strongest Woman records.
Ann and Claire Recht: World's Tallest Twins
Identical twins Ann and Claire Recht born in the United States of America on February 9th 1988, were measured both horizontally and vertically, three times during 10 January 2007 in Oregon, USA and found to have an average overall height of 2.01 m (6 ft 7 in) and 2.01 m (6 ft 7 in) respectively. They hold the Guinness World Record for Tallest Female Twins . The American twin sisters are volleyball players.
Claire and Ann measured 22 inches at birth, and as toddlers their pediatrician predicted they'd grow well past 6 feet. They were a head taller than preschool classmates. By midway through elementary school, they were complaining about the lack of "fun colors" in their women's-size shoes and looking their teacher in the eye. Soon, adults told them they looked too old for trick-or-treating. By middle school, they were struggling to find khakis for their school uniforms.
Berliner Kobke: Ultra Small Waist
Berliner Michele Kobke, 24, has worn a corset continuously for three years, dropping nine inches off her waistline in her quest for a slim, hourglass figure. Kobke tells the Daily News she started with a waist of about 25 inches. Her three years of wearing a corset, which she wears eating, sleeping and even swimming, has left her with a 16- or 17- inch waist. "My dream waist is 15 inches," she said.
Even as she closes in on her "dream" waist, Kobke admits there are health concerns with such a passion. A doctor already diagnosed her with some muscle atrophy from wearing the fashion piece 24 hours a day. But aside even from the medical risks, Kobke has had a falling out with family members, who disagree with the extreme measures she takes for beauty.
Asha Zulu Mandela: World's Longest Dreadlocks
50-year-old Asha Zulu Mandela started growing her lovely dreadlocks 25 years ago, after moving from Trinidad Tobago to New York. Today she is known as "The Black Rapunzel" and holds the record for the world's longest locks, which measure 19 feet, 6 inches long. Eight years after she started growing her locks, Asha had a series of medical problems, including 13 surgeries, two mild heart-attacks and two mild strokes, so she spent 14 years in and out of hospitals.
Asha says that after 25 years of growing her hair naturally, cutting it would be like taking away her life. Still, her pride and joy can be a little problematic at times. She uses six bottles of shampoo at a time, and the hair needs to days to dry. When wet, the locks weigh 25 pounds, which puts an extra strain on her neck. Doctors have told her she has a curvature of the spine, most likely caused by the extra weight of her incredibly-long hair.
Charity Pierce: World's Fattest Woman
An Iowa mother who weighs 765lb is trying to get on a reality TV show because she believes it is the only way to save her life. Charity Pierce finds moving around so difficult that she is almost house bound, but doctors near her Cedar Rapids home say she must slim down to 500lb before they can give her a gastric band. Because Ms Pierce, who is the fattest woman in the world, has developed a medical condition called lymphedema, which has caused a huge swelling on her left leg, she no longer fits easily into a regular car.
"The one thing that's going to save my life is gastric bypass. But I'm a single mother on disability with no one to count on besides myself," she added. She hopes to be able to lose enough weight to be able to watch her daughter grow up, and also so she can have a dream wedding to her 22-year-old boyfriend, Tony Sauer.
Mandy Sellars: World's Biggest Legs
Mandy Sellars (born 20 February 1975 in Lancashire, United Kingdom) is a woman with a rare genetic mutation that has resulted in extraordinary growth in both of her legs. In 2006, some doctors diagnosed Sellars as having Proteus syndrome, a very rare condition thought to afflict only 120 people worldwide, but Sellars herself has disputed the diagnosis. Sellars' condition has been covered in several television programs, leading Sellars to jokingly describe herself as a "part-time TV star".
Sellars was born with abnormally large and misshapen legs and feet, which continued to grow at a disproportionate rate. Doctors were unable to provide a diagnosis for many years, until some doctors decided on Proteus syndrome in May 2006, though Sellar's condition is atypical in many respects. The most famous person with Proteus syndrome may be Joseph Merrick, the "Elephant Man". There is no known cure.
Kristina Rei: World's Biggest Lips
A woman desperate to look like Jessica Rabbit has won the dubious honour of being in possession of the world's biggest lips after having 100 silicone injections. Kristina Rei, 22, was convinced her thin lips made her ugly so she opted to have them enlarged in the style of her favorite cartoon character, at a cost of more than £4,000. She said: "I think I look fantastic and it makes me happy. Sometimes strangers shout names at me in the street - like big lips - but I don't care. "
At school Kristina was bullied because of her looks. She said: "My classmates called me "ugly". They didn't tease me because of my lips specifically - but I believed big, full lips would make me beautiful. My big lips have helped boost my confidence. Even my parents are happy for me. They really don't care about my appearance. Some of my friends have told me I shouldn't go any bigger but I'm not satisfied yet."
Lizzie Velasquez: World's Skinniest Woman
Elizabeth Ann "Lizzie" Velásquez is an American motivational speaker and author. She has a rare congenital disease which, among other symptoms, impedes her from accumulating body fat. This condition resulted in bullying during her childhood and early youth and ultimately inspired her to take up motivational speaking. She has gained many supporters and speaks out against bullying. Lizzie was diagnosed with Marfan syndrome by the Baylor College of Medicine.
Velásquez has zero percent body fat and is medically unable to gain weight. She has never weighed more than 29 kg (64 pounds), and is required to eat many small meals and snacks throughout the day. Additionally, she is blind in her right eye, which began to cloud over when she was four years of age, and vision-impaired in her left eye. Ever since Lizzie was dubbed the "World's Ugliest Woman" in a video posted on YouTube, Lizzie has spoken out against bullying. She has spoken at TED, where she talked about the topic of "How Do YOU Define Yourself" and has garnered 40 million views on her YouTube Channel. Lizzie is known for her optimism.
Xie Qiuping: World's Longest Hair
The world's longest documented hair belongs to Xie Qiuping (China) at 5.627 m (18 ft 5.54 in) when measured on 8 May 2004. She has been growing her hair since 1973 from the age of 13 and now she needs an assistant to carry her crowning glory, as it's too long for her to manage alone.
Xie has been growing her hair out since she was a child. She says that her last haircut was in 1973. "It's no trouble at all. I'm used to it. But you need patience and you need to hold yourself straight when you have hair like this," she said. While Xie has a strong lock on the title of world's longest hair, there is a challenger, Cheng Shiqiong, who has been growing out her hair since 1996. But Ms. Qiuping doesn't need to be worried - Cheng's hair is only half the length of hers, at nearly 8 feet long.
Svetlana Pankratova: World's Longest Legs
Svetlana Pankratova (born April 29, 1971) has, according to Guinness World Records, the longest legs of any woman in the world. While she is not the world's tallest woman, her legs are 132 centimeters long. Because her upper body is of much more typical dimensions, she is 1.95 m (6 ft 5 in) tall. She has also very large feet, size 13 (US) / 46 (EU).
Pankratova was born in Volgograd, Russian SFSR, USSR. She played women's basketball at Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond, Virginia, USA, from 1992 to 1995. She was an impact player, setting two school records which are still unbroken. Along with her native Russian, Pankratova speaks English and some Spanish. She lived in Torremolinos, Spain. On March 11, 2013 it was reported that Pankratova returned to Virginia after marrying local resident Jack Gosnell. She accepted a position as an assistant coach for the George Mason High girls' basketball team.
Emily Schlenker: World's Widest Tongue
The widest female tongue measures 7.33 cm (2.89 in) at its widest point and belongs to Emily Schlenker, as measured in Syracuse, New York, USA, on 2 November 2014. The record holder for the widest tongue (male) is Emily's dad Byron Schlenker. Amazingly Byron and Emily discovered their tonguey talents quite by accident, when Emily took a copy of the Guinness Book of World Records out of the library for a school project, and Byron instinctively turned to the page featuring the man who at that time held the record for world's widest tongue.
But while dad has been happy to embrace the celebrity, 14-year-old Emily was initially less keen to enter the limelight. She explained: "I had to think about submitting for the record for a while, but after seeing how much fun my dad has had with it, I decided I would do it." She went on: "After all, how many people have an opportunity to be in the Guinness Book of World Records?"
Edith Connor: World's Oldest Bodybuilder
The oldest competitive female bodybuilder is Edish Wilma Conner (USA, born 09 May 1935). She last competed in the 2011 NPC Armbrust Pro Gym Warrior Classic Bodybuilding Championships in Loveland, Colorado, USA, on 20 August 2011. She entered her first bodybuilding competition (the Grand Masters in Las Vegas) on her 65th birthday, winning first place. She is also a personal trainer. She exercises at least three times a week and does not diet.
She began fitness training with her youngest son, taking it out "on the weights instead of the employees." She's 77 now, and though she is recovering from shoulder surgery, started lifting again in April, and plans to compete in the future, though not this year. Connor is also a certified personal trainer, specializing in "the mature body." Her clients are all over fifty. She sounds like exactly the kind of person who could get you motivated about getting into shape.
Adrianne Lewis: Excessively Long Tongue
Adrianne Lewis, 18, thinks she may have the world's longest tongue. The Michigan native's tongue is 4 inches long and can reach her eye. Although she has not been officially judged, Lewis believes she has what it takes to break the Guinness World Record. Lewis created a YouTube channel two years ago and since then her long licker has gone viral with thousands of people tuning in to watch her roll and twist her extraordinarily long tongue.
Lewis' tongue will appear in Ripley's Believe It or Not's annual book due out in May 2016, Edward Meyer, vice president of exhibits for Ripley's, told USA TODAY Network. "She's certainly not the first long tongue story we've ever done, but it's definitely a 'believe it or not,' " he said. "As an editor, I see that kind of story and it brings a smile to my face and I want the world to know about it."
Maria Jose Cristerna: Most Body Modifications
Most body modifications on a female is held by Maria Jose Cristerna (Mexico) who has a total of 49 body modifications, including significant tattoo coverage, a range of transdermal implants on her forehead, chest and arms, and multiple piercings in her eyebrows, lips, nose, tongue, ear lobes, belly button and nipples. Maria Cristerna is also referred to as "The Mexican Vampire lady." She had dental work to make her look like she has fangs and even has titanium horns inserted into her head making her the scariest looking woman ever.
The The 35-year-old mother-of-four gives talks to women suffering from domestic abuse. "At first people were interested in my looks because it was cool, because it attracts attention and because it's something different," Cristerna is quoted as saying in a Sky News article. "But I see it as something good among all the bad, because I'm giving a message. I won't be able to change the thinking of the entire world, but I'm always there to help the people that need it."
Jessica Long: Amputee Athlete
Jessica Tatiana Long (born February 29, 1992) is a Russian-born United States Paralympic swimmer from Baltimore, Maryland competing in S8 and SB7 category events. She has held world records in several events in her class and has won multiple gold medals over three Summer Paralympics. Long entered the international stage at the 2004 Paralympic Games in Athens, Greece, winning three gold medals in swimming. Aged twelve at the time, she was the youngest competitor on the U.S. Paralympic Team. One of her gold medals was the 100-meter freestyle.
Long was born Tatiana Olegovna Kirillova in Bratsk, Siberia and adopted at the age of 13 months. Because of fibular hemimelia, her lower legs were amputated when she was 18 months old. She learned to walk with prostheses. Long has been involved in many sports including gymnastics, cheerleading, ice skating, biking, trampoline, and rock climbing. She began swimming in her grandparents' pool before joining her first competitive team in 2002. The next year, Long was selected as Maryland Swimming's 2003 Female Swimmer of the Year with a Disability.
Cindy Jackson: Most Cosmetic Procedures
Cindy Jackson, born in 1956 in Hazard, Kentucky, United States is an American plastic surgery pioneer and best-selling author and television personality. In 2000 she was listed in the Guinness World record book for having had more cosmetic surgery procedures than anyone else. Since 1987 she has spent over $100,000 on 47 cosmetic procedures and has had 14 full scale operations including facelifts, two nose operations, eye lifts, knee, waist, abdomen and thigh liposuction, jaw surgery, lip and cheek implants, chemical peels and dozens of non-surgical procedures.
Jackson, 55, grew up in small town Ohio, with a short-tempered father and low self-esteem. She recalled a comment someone made to her when she was young: "One guy said when I was 14, 'You know Cindy, when you smile, from the side your nose and chin almost meet.'" She said: "It was like being in the wrong body and wrong face and I felt that very much and wanted to change it." When her father died, he left her some money, and she used it to start her transformation. She says she's been careful to take it slow, but also said she just wants to look beautiful and young. "I feel like a young spirit and I don't want to look in the mirror and see and old face. I feel this is me," she said. "This is the way I should look."
Christine Walton: World's Longest Fingernails
The longest fingernails in the world today belong to Christine Walton from Las Vegas, Nevada, USA. Originally measured as the new record holder in February 2011, Walton's nails at that time measured a combined 6.019 m (19 ft 1 in). After getting measured again in 2013, Walton's nails had grown to a combined 7.314 m (23 ft 11 in). The 45 year-old, who is also a talented singer going by the stage name "The Dutchess," hasn't cut her fingernails since 1990.
"I never made a conscious decision to grow the nails, but with all my children and the music commitments I guess it was easier to let the nails grow. Then one day I look down and they're like 9 inches long!" Walton insists the nails don't prevent her from living a normal life; she can still braid hair, cook and drive. To add some perspective, the length of The Dutchess' fingernails are the equivalent of: One killer whale, two mini coopers, five average adult arm spans, a president's nose on Mount Rushmore, the entire length of the average 12-year-old boy's intestines.
Sarah Paddy Jones: World's Oldest Acrobatic Salsa Dancer
The oldest female acrobatic salsa dancer is Sarah Paddy Jones (UK, born 1 July 1934) who won the first prize on the Spanish TV talent show "Tu Si Que Vales" in December 2009. Paddy was born in Stourbridge, England. She started dancing classical dance when she was 2 years old and at the age of fifteen began taking classes in more disciplines. However, she left dancing at the age of 22 when she married her husband, David. They moved to Gandia, Spain in 2001 when her husband retired, but David died of leukaemia just two years later.
After the death of her husband, Paddy decided to take flamenco classes at Nicolás "Nico" Espinosa's academy of dance, where she learned to dance salsa and formed the salsa dancing duo "Son del Timbal" with Nico (who is 40 years younger than her). In 2014, Paddy and Nico competed in the eighth series of Britain's Got Talent, where they finished ninth overall.
Karol Meyer: Breath Holder
The longest time to hold the breath underwater is 18 min 32.59 sec and was achieved by Karoline Mariechen Meyer (Brazil) at the Racer Academy swimming pool in Florianopolis, Brazil, on 10 July 2009. Karoline is a professional freediver who trained for four months to try and break the record. Prior to the attempt she inhaled oxygen for 24 minutes.
Meyer began diving during childhood. She became a competitive freediver in 1998. She has gone on to hold 8 world records, 2 Pan-American Records, 30 South American records, and 6 national records. She has also won several international competitions representing Brazil. Besides freediving, Meyer contributes toward fundraising for needy communities, public schools. She supports programmes against child labour, and advocated for children who live in front of the sea and have parents whose income depends directly on the sea.
Rumeysa Gelgi: World's Tallest Teenager
Guinness World Records presented Rumeysa Gelgi with the record title of Tallest Female Teenager in the world. The 17-year-old, who has a standing height of 213.6 cm (7ft 0.09 in), received the award in a special presentation in her hometown of Safranbolu, Karabük, in Turkey. Rumeysa is currently in the 11th grade at high school and lives at home with her parents and older siblings - who are all normal height.
Guinness World Records Official Seyda Subasi-Gemici said: "Guinness World Records celebrates diversity and recognises extraordinary people all over the world. Rumeysa Gelgi has shown tremendous courage in the way that she has dealt with her condition, and it is an honour to meet and award her with the record title of Tallest Teenager." Medical experts believe that Rumeysa's condition is caused by Weaver's syndrome, a rare genetic disorder that causes rapid growth. In addition to her exceptional height, Rumeysa's hands measure 24.5 cm and feet 30.5 cm.
Vivian Wheeler: World's Longest Beard
With the longest hair in her beard measuring 11 inches - 27.9 cm., Vivian Wheeler of Illinois is blessed with having the longest beard for a female. Her father insisted she start shaving at the age of 7, but since 1993 Vivian Wheeler has not, letting her beard grow. She said "I am in the Guinness Book of World Records and people tell me I am famous, that it's a history book but it doesn't comprehend in my head. I hope it never does because I don't want to be that kind of person that they think I could be or should be."
Wheeler has a medical condition called hermaphroditism. Meaning, she is 50 percent male and 50 percent female. She said she was born with facial hair but when she was about five that facial hair began to grow darker. When that happened, her father couldn't even look at her and sold her into a life on the road with the Ringling Brother's Circus. It's a life she said may seem bizarre to others but one that has a special purpose.
Duangjay Samaksamam: World's Largest Hands
Doctors believe that this woman has the "World's biggest hands" since each of her arms weighs 21 pounds. Duangjay Samaksamam is a shop owner from Surin province in Thailand. For over 50 years, she has suffered from a very painful and rare condition that has her limbs permanently swollen. She says that moving is painful for her even when handling simple tasks. "My hands are so heavy I can barely lift them to comb or shampoo my hair, it's very difficult. Getting dressed is also very difficult and painful," she says.
The 59-year-old was embarrassed by her condition and spent her first 20 years as a recluse. She was ashamed of her look and never even went to school. Circumstances forced her to stop hiding so that she could earn a living and take care of her parents. She took over the running of her family's grocery shop. Medics around the world have a keen interest in her and many of them have attempted to reduce the swelling through surgery. None to date however has succeeded. "Some doctors said the only solution was to cut off my hands if I wished to walk around freely. But I don't want to do that," she says.
Tatyana McFadden: Wheelchair Racer
Wheelchair racer Tatyana McFadden of Clarksville was named Paralympic Female Athlete of the Year. McFadden captured her third straight marathon grand slam, won her first marathon world title and set three T54 world records this year. McFadden broke the New York City Marathon's women's wheelchair course record by 7 minutes, 20 seconds with a time of 1 hour, 43 minutes, 4 seconds.
McFadden was born in Leningrad, then Soviet Union, on 21 April 1989. She was born with spina bifida, a congenital disorder that paralyzed her from the waist down. After her birth mother abandoned her in an orphanage that was too poor to afford a wheelchair for her, she walked on her hands for the first six years of her life. The doctors told her she was so sick that she had very little time to live. While in the orphanage, she met Deborah McFadden, who was visiting Russia as a commissioner of disabilities for the U.S. Health Department. Deborah, a single mother, adopted Tatyana and took her to live in Baltimore.

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