25 Movies That Were Cursed With Horrifying Tragedies

Jay Dawson September 6th 2016 Entertainment
We all want the actor’s dream life. For a few million dollars, all you have to do is pretend to be someone else. Easy, right? Well, maybe not. Aside from long, grueling working days on set, having to lose and gain weight on a director’s whim, and being constantly hounded by paparazzi, there are some movies that just seem to invite disaster. From lightning strikes to flash floods, and haunted houses to bizarre accidents, just one look at these horrifyingly cursed movies and you’ll be happy you stuck with accounting.
The Crow
Although a brilliant and brooding gem in its own right, The Crow is probably more famous for the bizarre and tragic end of its lead actor, Brandon Lee. In a case of life imitating art, the dark and unsettling vision of director Alex Proyas spilled out into the real world of the set and cursed it with a series of gruesome accidents. On the first day, a member of the team ran a crane into a power cable and was so badly electrocuted that he was rushed to hospital with fourth-degree burns.
Not only that, but a storm ravaged the set and almost completely tore it apart, and in a separate incident the props room was destroyed when another crew member ran his car through it. Later, a construction worker accidentally drove a screwdriver through his own hand. But Brandon Lee’s death was perhaps the scariest of everything that happened. A revolver that was supposed to be firing blanks somehow already had a bullet lodged in the barrel, and as a result Brandon Lee was actually shot in the abdomen while filming a key scene. We lost a star in the making, but learnt a valuable lesson.
Apocalypse Now
Apocalypse Now couldn’t have had a more fitting title. At times during filming, this masterpiece would have looked like the end of World War Three. Aside from those boring old tropical diseases decimating cast and crew, helicopters being commandeered for a real war raging around them in the Philippines, and real dead bodies being used as props, director Francis Ford Coppola was simply making most of the movie up as he went along. Various addictions led to Martin Sheen having a heart attack and Dennis Hopper going crazy, while Marlon Brando added his own lunacy to the mix by deciding to improvise most of his lines.
Brando and Hopper refused to shoot scenes together. Coppola was so stressed, and so close to financial ruin, that he had an epileptic fit one night and considered suicide on three separate occasions. When crew members started having epic pool parties instead of working, and diving off the hotel roof, it’s no wonder he considered pulling the plug. In the end, though, out of the chaos emerged a certified classic.
The Omen
This one’s a little more famous. Well, a lot more famous. In fact, this 1976 horror classic was so cursed that we barely have space to write down everything that went bizarrely and horrifically wrong. Let’s see: the director, Richard Donner, got hit by a car and a restaurant he was at was bombed by the IRA. Two planes, one carrying Gregory Peck and the other carrying David Seltzer (the screenwriter), were both struck by lightning. Another plane originally chartered for the shoot crashed, killing everyone on board.
A guard was mauled by a lion used in filming. Trainers were set upon by their own dogs. Another lightning strike. Another car crash, and a decapitation. And on, and on, and on. In the end, though, The Omen made a hell of a lot of money. So I guess we can write it all off as the routine dangers of showbiz.
Don Quixote
Clocking in at well over 1,000 pages, Don Quixote - the classic 17th century mega-novel by Miguel Cervantes – is a notoriously long read. It’s also notoriously difficult to film. Two legendary directors, Orson Welles and Terry Gilliam, have tried. Two have failed.
In Orson Welles’s case, it’s more than likely that he was the curse. Production for the film started in 1957, and after rewrites, endless re-imaginings, financing problems, and the deaths of a few stars, it was still incomplete by the time Welles died himself in 1985, almost thirty years later. When Terry Gilliam, director of Twelve Monkeys and Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, tried his hand, it wasn’t his fault. After a flash flood swept away half of his equipment and fighter jets repeatedly ruined his audio, his star, Jean Rochefort, got a herniated disc and production was wisely halted. You have to give Gilliam credit for perseverance, though: to this day he’s still planning to make the film. Good luck.
The Conquerer
In this 1956 epic about the Mongolian conqueror Genghis Khan, the baffling decision to cast John Wayne in the title role was only the tip of the dumb-idea iceberg. For unknown reasons, the producers of the film also decided to shoot it downwind from a nuclear testing facility in Nevada - with fairly obvious results. Over the next few years, almost half of the 220 strong cast and crew developed cancer and almost a quarter died, including the director and John Wayne. This wasn’t helped, of course, by yet another directorial brainwave: when they shifted filming back to Hollywood, they took 60 tons of irradiated soil back with them!
Aside from that, a flash flood nearly swept away the entire crew and a panther nearly tore apart lead actress Susan Hayward. Oh, and when it finally did get released, it was (understandably) a massive flop, at one point being named one of the 50 worst movies of all time. John Wayne probably should have kept to cowboy movies.
The Passion of the Christ
You might have thought that a film about Jesus Christ would be blessed in production. However, it seems that God had other plans for the star, Jim Caviezel, and the crew. Or maybe He thought the screen made him look fat? Either way, lightning struck an incredible three separate times during filming – and assistant director Jan Michelini got hit twice!
As for Jim: well, he got the rougher end of the cross. He got struck by lightning, too, then developed a horrendous and agonizing skin infection from the make-up and fake gore they put on him. Not only that, while filming the crucifixion he dislocated his shoulder, had hypothermia, got pneumonia, and developed a nasty lung infection. All in a day’s work for JC.
If you ever want to make a movie which isn’t going to be plagued by production problems, here’s our hot tip: don’t film it in a wild, savage jungle. If only the makers of Fitzcarraldo, the 1982 film about a would-be rubber baron, took our advice. Instead, they suffered through dysentery, gangrenous limbs, snake bites, two plane crashes, and a midnight attack on two locals who were cast as extras.
That wasn’t the only attack. Seriously starving tribes-people raided the film set at one point, shooting one crew member in the throat and another in the stomach with arrows. Although both they and the film survived the onslaught, tropical diseases claimed the lives of several other extras. And that, my friends, is why we invented the green screen.
Unless you’re a real die-hard, you’ve probably never heard of Atuk. The reason? It was so cursed that it never even got made. It was so cursed it barely got past the screenplay stage. The script, about an Eskimo arriving in New York (with the usual wacky results), pretty much killed everyone who touched it. KGB, take notes.
First, John Belushi read the script, loved it, then promptly died of a drug overdose. Sam Kinison, a comedian, took the main role, and after a dragged-out attempt at production, he died in a car crash. John Candy took up the flame and immediately had a fatal heart attack. Finally, after a few years in script hell, Chris Farley was keen (or stupid) enough to take the lead. Drug overdose. Who knows where the script is now – hopefully in the incinerator.
The Exorcist
The Exorcist was another horror flick where everything went horribly wrong. It was so cursed that its legacy extended beyond its release, and several actors and crew members died mysterious deaths and suffered disturbing injuries not only during filming, but also after it had wrapped. According to legend, everyone became so scared that a priest was called in during filming to perform a real-life exorcism on the set.
No wonder. Only a few weeks into filming, the entire set burnt down (except, oddly, the bedroom). At one point the actors walked into the set to find snow on the ground. Indoors. Both Ellen Burstyn and Linda Blair suffered serious injuries in production, and a carpenter manage to saw off his own fingers. You could have just filmed it as a documentary and it would have been just as terrifying.
The Twilight Zone Movie
If you don’t count funding problems and rewrites, Twilight Zone: The Movie seems to have had a relatively happy production. Oh, except one thing: three actors, two of them children, died on-set in a particularly tragic freak accident. When a helicopter used in filming was hit by pyrotechnic blasts and span out of control, it crashed to the ground right in the middle of the set. Vic Morrow and the seven-year-old Myca Dinh Le were decapitated instantly, while six-year-old Renee Shin-Yi-Chen was crushed to death.
It was another case of the director cursing the film: John Landis broke several rules while on set, including paying child actors off the books - in order to circumvent labor laws - and using live ammunition rounds during filming. Surprisingly, he went on to have a successful career and is still actively making films today. Let’s hope he hasn’t taken the curse with him.
The Dark Knight
It’s hard to tell whether Christopher Nolan’s gritty re-imagining of the Batman franchise is actually cursed, given the amount of money it’s generated. But with a who’s who of freaky villains and a pitch-dark undercurrent running through the trilogy, it’s no surprise that there was a score of accidents on set. During filming of the Dark Knight, a cameraman was killed during a chase scene when his camera truck crashed into a tree, and pyrotechnics explosions prompted calls from residents concerned that a terrorist attack had taken place.
And then there’s the most famous incident: the life of Heath Ledger was brutally cut short when he died in his Manhattan apartment, while the film was still in post-production. While it was deemed an accidental overdose, many have speculated that the intensity he gave to his ghoulish performance as The Joker drove him to a brink that he couldn’t turn away from. Whatever it was, it can’t be denied that sometimes even the psychological feel of a movie can affect us in profound and tragic ways.
This swords-and-sandals blockbuster just goes to prove that even curses have a sense of humour. Brad Pitt, who plays Achilles in the film, had an accident on set and tore one of his tendons. Guess which one? That’s right, the Achilles.
That wasn’t the only problem on set. During one of the takes, George Camilleri broke his leg and, strangely, died two weeks later from surgical complications. Not one, but two hurricanes lashed the set on the coast of Mexico in a single month, but luckily no-one died. It seems that even the biggest of budgets isn’t enough to sooth the savage film-making gods.
Milo and Otis
Listen up, cats and dogs: if you want to be a star, don’t work on a Milo and Otis film. Sure, it looks like fun and games and adorable pets, but underneath the surface lies a deep, dark, secret curse. This curse doesn’t affect the humans making the film (and the money), though: just the animals. You didn’t realize you’d be doing your own stunt work, did you?
According to various animal rights groups and sources surrounding the film, it was a particularly grueling one for the stars. No-one from the American Humane Society was there for the filming, and if you believe the awful rumors, up to 30 cats and dogs sadly died during filming. You’ll never watch the movie the same way again.
The Poltergeist
Our third entry in the “Horror Films That Were Totally Unsurprisingly Cursed” category, Poltergeist was – as legend has it – a victim of its own stupidity. To cut a long story short: next time you’re thinking about using real skeletons as props, don’t. Despite a Native American cleansing ritual being performed on the set of the sequel (in the middle of the night, as you do), the curse dogged stars of the film for years afterwards, resulting in a string of grisly and strange deaths.
Dominique Dunne was strangled in her driveway mere months after the film was released, while the six-year-old star of the film died of septic shock and cardiac arrest died six years later. Another character in the film, played by Lou Perryman, was murdered with an ax in his own home. Two movies, two more deaths, and one plane crash later, they decided to reboot the franchise in 2015. Here’s a tip, guys: stop.
The Wizard of Oz
Dorothy’s travel through Oz in the iconic 1936 film was perhaps a little easier than what the production team had to go through. Both actors playing the Tin Man had problems with the suit: the first developing lung problems from silver dust, and the replacement getting an eye infection from the makeup. That wasn’t the only replacement: a grand total of five directors worked on the film at various stages, each quitting or getting fired for their own reasons. Maybe they knew about the curse.
Both Margaret Hamilton and her stunt double, who played the Wicked Witch, sustained injuries after bizarre accidents. The first burned her hands and face in an accident involving a trapdoor and Munchkinland, and the other set her legs on fire with pyrotechnics. Skywriting. On a broomstick. I guess with a film as far out as The Wizard of Oz, you’re bound to have some weird things happen... but surely not that weird.
James Cameron’s record-smashing blockbuster had more than its fair share of problems during filming. Far more. His military style approach and harsh insistence on perfection ensured that it wasn’t just the cinemagoers left in tears, but the cast and crew, too. A grand total of nine injuries occurred on set, with three stuntmen breaking bones, but countless others came down with colds, flus, and infections. Kate Winslet almost drowned twice.
The most bizarre incident, however, occurred during filming in Canada. Lobster chowder served to the film crew was somehow laced with PCP, a highly powerful dissociative drug. After hallucinations, vomiting, and a lot of rolling around, more than fifty of the cast and crew ended up in the hospital. It may have been a disgruntled crew member. Or it could have been the ancient ghost of a Titanic passenger wreaking some decidedly modern revenge. I guess we’ll never know.
The Conjuring
James Wan is no stranger to horror, co-creating and directing Saw and guiding it into a hugely successful franchise. It wasn’t until The Conjuring, though, that the real horrors began to visit him on set. Based on a true story of a real-life haunting and the demonologists who were brought in to control it, a series of frightening incidents on set proved that the haunting had never been stopped at all.
Wan’s pet dog was the first to sense that something was up. When working on the film late into the night, Wan heard him growling. He turned around in his chair to find his dog staring at an empty corner. There was a mysterious hotel fire where the cast and crew were staying, and phone calls suffered from heavy static and frequent dropouts. Actress Vera Famirga found her laptop one day with five claw marks slashed across it. And when the original haunted family, the Perrons, visited the set, they were knocked about by a sudden and unexplained gust of wind. You would think they had had enough the first time around.
It seems like The Conjuring just wasn’t enough for James Wan. Reaching into depths of his stupid-bag, he came up with a really, really great idea: film a prequel for it, and make it even creepier. Forget about some average haunting. Let’s put a demonic doll in it.
And the curse continued. While filming Annabelle, two crewmembers suffered injuries. One, an actor, was knocked in the head in the exact same set corridor where he was meant to be killed by the film demon. More strange claw marks appeared – this time across a set window – which matched precisely the number of fingers of the psychotic demon. The real-life doll on which the film is based is now locked up in a museum somewhere. For good measure, they should probably do the same to the movie.
Rebel Without a Cause
Hopefully this list has been enough to put you off acting, filming, rigging, or even catering a movie for life. Unfortunately, we’ve got some bad news for you. Even if you’re nowhere near the movie, the curse can still get you. Don’t just stay away from movie sets: stay away from movie cars, too.
James Dean’s death just before the release of the 1955 troubled youth classic, Rebel Without a Cause, is well publicized. What is less known is that two of his co-stars, Natalie Wood and Sam Mineo, also suffered tragic and violent fates – a drowning and a stabbing, respectively. And what is even less known is the fate of Dean’s car, which he drove while filming and was driving when he suffered his fatal head-on crash. Instead of being sunk to the bottom of the ocean like it should have, wreckage of the Porsche 550 Spyder was eventually sold off and used to restore two other cars. Both of the other cars then had head-on collisions, and both car owners died. Now that’s what they call once-in-a-lifetime memorabilia.
“But which Superman movie?” we hear you cry. The answer, sadly, is pretty much all of them. DC has made many attempts to bring their marquee superhero to the small and big screens. Some of them have been moderate successes, while others have been killers. Literally.
An astonishing 17 cast and crew members, from 1940 to 2006, have been associated with the now legendary “Superman curse”. While some of them have only suffered minor misfortune, failed careers, and failed romances, many believe that the deaths of stars George Reeves, Christopher Reeves, and Marlon Brando can all be traced back to their work on the various Superman incarnations. Some might call it plain bad luck, but we certainly won’t be putting on the blue spandex any time soon.
Somewhere deep in this list is the message that human folly is perhaps the greatest curse of all. Take the 1981 movie Roar, for example. What started out as a fairly simple idea for a thriller – a family walk into a plantation infested by fierce animals – turned into an 11-year production nightmare when yet another awful decision was made by the director, Noel Marshall.
It’s not exactly hard to see what went wrong. In a psychotic (and probably criminal) stab at realism, Marshall and his wife Tippi Hedren opted to use 150 wild animals – lions, tigers, cougars, elephants, and more – for filming, resulting in an oddly foreseeable bloodbath. Over seventy of the cast and crew members were mauled, bitten, broken, punctured, scalped, clawed, fractured, and terrorized by the vicious animals, and much of their horrific ordeal made it into the final cut of the film. “The Most Dangerous Movie Ever Made”, the tagline screams. It can’t be far off.
The Sword of Tipu Sultan
We’re going to stretch the definition of movie for this one, if only because the appalling on-set tragedy needs to be documented somewhere. The Sword of Tipu Sultan wasn’t a movie at all, but a highly successful and popular Indian TV serial. Mainly filmed in the sweltering city of Mysore, the stellar cast and swashbuckling adventure gained it many long-time fans. And, one fateful day, some long-term suffering.
Conditions at Premiere Studio that day were a recipe for disaster. The set had no fireproofing, ventilation, extinguishers, or even evacuation route, and the thermometer had reached 121 degrees. The roaring inferno was ignited by a single spark from a mess of exposed lighting wires, and it consumed the studio within seconds. Although a handful of people survived, and even fewer escaped unscathed, 62 people sadly lost their lives. Despite the star being hospitalized for 13 months, the show went on.
The Possession
Just when you thought it was safe to go back onto a horror movie set… oh, wait. It never was. Here’s another one for the list: 2011 flick The Possession. We’re starting to feel like tremendous nags here, but we’ll say it again. Do not, under any circumstances, mess with, or make a film about, real-life possessed artefacts. This one was just an innocent wine cabinet. Innocent, that is, except it contained a malevolent demon which terrorized countless owners for decades.
Until some bright spark decided to make a film about it, and the demon moved on from terrorizing poor bargain-hunters to terrorizing the filmmakers. During production, unlit lights exploded over the director, and five days after filming all the props burned down in a Vancouver storage fire. The fire remains unexplained, of course, and luckily no-one was hurt. On the other hand, clearly no lessons were learned.
Noah’s Ark
Passion of the Christ wasn’t the only religious film to suffer from a curse of biblical proportions. Way back in 1928, a romantic melodrama based on the story of Noah was also hit with the fury of God. Oh, and water. Lots and lots of water.
You see, it wasn’t quite enough for the director Michael Curtiz to use traditional miniatures and just simulate the flood. He had a plan: to actually flood the set with 600,000 gallons of water. The results were aptly catastrophic. Three crew members drowned, one broke his leg so badly it had to be amputated, several others were badly hurt, and the star caught pneumonia. What’s your next brilliant idea, Curtiz? Film David and Goliath with an actual giant?
The Flight of the Phoenix
While the 2004 remake was only cursed by a severe lack of imagination, the 1965 original was hit with something far more strange. The film follows the fortunes of a group of men, stranded in the Sahara Desert after a plane crash and desperately trying to escape. Salvaging pieces of the wreckage, they decide to do the impossible: build a new plane out of old parts.
Which is exactly what the film’s producers tried to do, too, when they hired aeronautical engineer Otto Timm. Cannibalizing parts from four other planes, he built his own “Phoenix”, which they used for filming. As we should all know by now, though, art has a nasty habit of imitating art. While putting the Phoenix through some touch-and-go landings in front of the cameras, famous stuntman Paul Mantz misjudged the plane’s handling and sent it smashing into the runway. As the plane flew apart and went cartwheeling into the desert he was killed instantly, while another stuntman was badly injured. They used regular planes for the remake, which is probably the first good decision we’ve seen from Hollywood.

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But bra shopping isn't her only woe. She can no longer tie her own shoes and has run into trouble when she's knocked things over with her chest - but it appears she's satisfied with her body, troubles and all. "Some people maybe think the sheer size of my t-ts bring too many handicaps in my everyday life, but hey, having big boob problems is amazing," she wrote on her blog.
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It's official, this real-life anime trend has gotten completely out of hand. Hardly a day goes by that we don't stumble upon some photos of girls going to any lengths in order to look like real live anime characters. Today's example, Anastasiya Shpagina, an Ukrainian girl who has even taken a Japanese name - Fukkacumi. 19-year-old Anastasiya (Nastya) Shpagina has been called "the new Barbie" by national news outlets, but she later revealed she's striving to become a real-life Japanese anime character, not a doll. She even posted "I am not like a doll, a doll is like me."
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She said: "I have always been silly and goofy. I love sticking my tongue out at people. I started doing that back in school. I've never had a problem with having a long tongue, it's just fun." Chanel now has set her sights set on Hollywood after finishing her studies. She said: "I'd love to be in a movie. I'm certainly pretty dramatic, so I think I could have the acting gift. "Really, I'd love to meet Adam Sandler, he's my favorite."
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Russian-born former gymnast Zlata, 29, posed in leather and lingerie to adopt a series of poses that seem to defy every law of biology. Zlata, who now lives in Germany, is able to create astounding shapes with her body and is so flexible she can cram herself into a 50cm square box. One of her favorite acts is to bend backwards at a 90 degree angle, so the back half of her hands touch her feet and she can also peer through her own legs from behind.
Zlata's gift of flexibility was discovered when she was four years old and by six she was training as a contortionist at a circus school. She has a rare condition which makes all her tendons extremely pliable, which helps in her profession. The former gymnast now spends most of her day working out and training for shows around the world. In 2011 she set the Guinness World Record for the most beer bottles opened in a minute using only your feet.
Kim Goodman: Eyeball Protrusion
Kim Goodman is a woman who is able to pop her eyes out of her eye sockets by 12 millimeters (0.47 inches). She holds the world record for the farthest eyeball protrusion. She lives in Chicago, Illinois. She discovered her eyeball popping talent one day when she was hit on the head with a hockey mask. Her eyeballs popped out much further than usual and ever since that day she could pop them out on cue, as well as when she yawns.
She has appeared on the Late Show with David Letterman. In 2004, Goodman was included by Guinness World Records in their 50th anniversary list of top ten "feats" of all time. Kim originally had the record for being able to extend her eye balls beyond her eye sockets by 10mm. This was matched a few years by a new contender, but when Kim was re-measured she found she could now reach 12mm - breaking her own record and keeping the title.
Natalia Partyka: One Armed Table Tennis Champ
Natalia Partyka (born 27 July 1989) is a Polish table tennis player. Born without a right hand and forearm, she participates in competitions for able-bodied athletes as well as in competitions for athletes with disabilities. Partyka reached the last 32 of the London 2012 Olympic women's table tennis. Partyka began playing table tennis at the age of seven. She won her first international table tennis medal in 1999 at the disabled World Championships. At the age of 11, she competed at the 2000 Summer Paralympics in Sydney, becoming the world's youngest ever Paralympian. In 2004, she won a gold medal in the singles event and silver in the team event at the Athens Paralympics.
Partyka competed for Poland both the 2008 Summer Olympics and the 2008 Summer Paralympics in Beijing - one of only two athletes to do so, the other being Natalie du Toit in swimming. They were her third Paralympic Games, and her first Olympics. Competing in class 10 at the Beijing Paralympics, she won gold by defeating China's Fan Lei by three sets to nil. In 2008, she won a gold medal in the singles event and a silver in the team event at the Beijing Paralympics, repeating her Athens Paralympics result.
Supatra Sasuphan: World's Hairiest Girl
Her nicknames may include "wolf girl" and "monkey face". But 11-year-old Thai girl Supatra Sasuphan today insisted that she was after being officially recognised as the world's hairiest girl. Although the schoolgirl from Bangkok has faced merciless teasing at school, Supatra says being given a Guinness World Record for her hair has helped her become extremely popular. "I'm very happy to be in the Guinness World Records! A lot of people have to do a lot to get in," she said. "All I did was answer a few questions and then they gave it to me."
Supatra is one of just 50 known sufferers of Ambras Syndrome - caused by a faulty chromosome - to be documented since the Middle Ages. Before the disease was understood, sufferers were branded "werewolves." She has thick hair growing over her face, ears, arms, legs and back. Even laser treatment has failed to stop the hair growth. But while most sufferers have been shunned, Supatra has gradually been embraced by her community, and became a popular and outgoing child.
Jasmine Tridevil: Woman With 3 Breasts
There's really no other way to put this so we're just going to dive in: Meet Jasmine Tridevil. She has three breasts. Tridevil (no that's not her real name, but that's what she wants to go by) is a 21-year-old licensed massage therapist and die-hard Criss Angel fan from Florida who decided to undergo a shocking and controversial $20,000 surgery to add a third breast to her chest.
Tridevil also stated that she's hoping to bank a reality show from this, and has already put the wheels in motion to make something happen. "I was making really good money [being a licensed massage therapist] but now I'm trying to star in a reality show instead. I don't like that job," she shared, and later added, "My whole dream is to get this show on MTV. I hired a camera crew individually, so I'm the producer of this show right now."
Lyudmila Titchenkova: World's Longest Neck
Lyudmila Titchenkova is a 16-year-old living in the city of Nikolaev, Ukraine. After she turned 10, Lyudmila's parents noticed that their daughter's body began developing at an accelerated growth rate. She was taller and had longer arms than other children her age, but of particular concern was the length of her neck and abnormal curvature of her spine.
As it got to the point where Lyudmila began feeling embarrassed to go out because of her appearance, her parents took her to the hospital, where she was diagnosed with Marfan Syndrome, a rare genetic disorder of the connective tissue that can affect many parts of the body, most often the heart, blood vessels, bones, joints and eyes. In Lyudmila's case, the disorder affected the connective tissue in her spine, causing it to curve at an angle of 30 degrees. This seems to be a rather uncommon symptom of the disorder, which usually affect people's arms, legs and fingers. After undergoing corrective surgery and extensive rehabilitation to straighten her spine, Lyudmila can now live normally and says she wants to study for her future without letting herself be affected by her disorder.
Abigail and Brittany Hensel: Girl With Two Heads
Abigail Loraine "Abby" Hensel and Brittany Lee Hensel (born March 7, 1990) are dicephalic parapagus twins, meaning that they are conjoined twins, each of whom has a separate head, but whose bodies are joined. They are highly symmetric for conjoined twins, giving the appearance of having just a single body without marked variation from normal proportion. In fact, several vital organs are doubled up; each twin has a separate heart, stomach, spine, lungs, and spinal cord.
In conversation, the twins are clearly distinct persons, with distinct likes and dislikes. Their preferences in food, clothing color, etc., differ. Some of their clothes are altered by their seamstress so that they have two separate necklines in order to emphasize their individuality. They will usually have separate meals, but sometimes will share a single meal for the sake of convenience (e.g. each taking a bite of the same hamburger). Abby is better at mathematics, and Brittany is better at writing. For tasks such as responding to email, they type and respond as one, anticipating each other's feelings with little verbal communication between them.
Natasha Veruschka: Sword Swallower
Natasha Veruschka has the world record for most swords swallowed simultaneously by a female. She swallowed 13 swords, each at least 38.1 cm (15 in) long, at the 3rd Annual Sideshow Gathering and Sword Swallowers Convention in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania, USA, on 3 September 2004. Natasha was born in India of white russian and british heritage. She has lived, studied, and performed her art around the world and also speaks several different languages.
Natasha now lives in New York City. She is an amazing performer who uses many different types of swords in her act or as she likes to say "Swords On The Menu." The swords on the menu are - "The Red devil" 29 inches long, "The Big Sword" 27 1/2 inches long, "The Bradshaw Sword" 25 inches long, "The Sai Weapons" two 24 inch long eight-sided weapons of steel. Natasha trained with a "Sai Master" in order to use them in her act. Also on the menu is the unbelieveable "Sword Sandwich" where she swallows 13-22 inch long swords simultaneously.
Elaine Davidson: Most Body Piercings
Elaine Davidson is the "Most Pierced Woman" according to the Guinness World Records. Since first receiving a skin piercing in January 1997, Elaine Davidson has been pierced a total of 4,225 times as of 8 June 2006. The former restaurant owner is constantly adding and replacing jewelery, mostly in her face. She enhances her exotic looks with tattoos and brightly coloured make-up, and often wears feathers and streamers in her hair.
She has more piercings in her genitalia than in any other part of the body - 500 in all, externally and internally. The total weight of her internal piercings is estimated to be about 3 kilograms. As of May 2008, Davidson's piercings total 5,920. As of Feb. 2009 her piercings total 6,005. In March 2010, Davidson reported a total of 6,725 piercings. As of March 2012, she has over 9,000. As of may 2016, she has 9,800. She was born in Brazil and is a former nurse. She does not drink or use drugs. She now resides in Edinburgh, Scotland.
Jyoti Amge: World's Shortest Woman
Jyoti Amge (born 16 December 1993) is an Indian actress notable for being the world's smallest living woman according to Guinness World Records. Jyoti Amg hails from Nagpur, India. She weighs 11 pounds and stands at 23 inches, according to Guinness World Records. Jyoti Amg has a "form of dwarfism called achondroplasia," Guinness says.
On her fame, Jyoti Amg says, "I don't like it if I am being held like a baby," but that she will let some people and fans pick her up. She also gets "mad when someone annoys me by touching my hair or keeps touching me without permission." "I love acting in this show," she says. "My biggest dream is that I go to Hollywood and become an actress."
Cara Anaya: Chronic Orgasms Disorder
The 30-year-old Arizona mother lives with Persistent Genital Arousal Disorder (PGAD), a condition that can leave her feeling sexually aroused for up to six hours a day. "The one day that I decided to count how many orgasms I had in one sitting, I counted 180 in two hours," she told Barcroft TV. "Pretty much, with that type of number, you're having two or three in a minute." Anaya has seen a number of health specialists but has not been able to find treatment.
The condition has created difficulties in her relationship with husband Tony Carlisi, who initially thought she was crazy when he first learned about it. "I would say the most difficult thing is seeing my wife in pain and knowing there's nothing I can do to help her," he said. As a result of the condition, Cara has to avoid being out in public or open spaces like parks. She said: "It is ruining my life, because it messes with your head. Your body is running on a high, on an up and down, so it really affects your moods."
Aevin Dugas: World's Largest Afro
The largest afro measures 18.5 cm (7.3 in) high, 19.6 cm (7.7 in) wide and 132.1 cm (4 ft 4 in) in circumference and was achieved by Aevin Dugas, in New Orleans, USA on 4 October 2010. Proud of her record-breaking afro, Aevin Dugas says her hair is inspiring legions of women to ditch chemical straighteners and "go natural". The 37-year-old, whose hair entered the Guinness Book of Records at 4ft 4ins around, says everyone from toddlers to grandmothers are following in her footsteps.
Aevin said: "At one time I strived to get hair that was bone straight and now all I want is it big and poofy". She believes her voluminous hair may have grown even bigger, but she cannot reveal its size until Guinness take an official measurement. "When my hair is stretched out to its complete length and pressed, it goes down to my butt. But I don't wear it like that because it looks weird."
Aimee Mullins: Amputee Athlete
Aimee Mullins (born July 20, 1976 in Allentown, Pennsylvania) is an American athlete, actress, and fashion model who first became famous for her athletic accomplishments. She was born with a medical condition that resulted in the amputation of both of her lower legs. Mullins was born with fibular hemimelia (missing fibula bones) and as a result, had both of her legs amputated below knee when she was one year old. A graduate of Parkland High School in Allentown and Georgetown University in Washington, D.C., she took up sports and acting at an early stage.
As a young softball player, she once held the youth league record for stolen bases in softball. She also raced in downhill skiing while in high school. While attending Georgetown University on a full academic scholarship to the prestigious School of Foreign Service there, she competed against able-bodied athletes in NCAA Division I track and field events, and is the first amputee in history, male or female, to compete in the NCAA. Honoring her achievement and cultural contribution to sport, Mullins is included as one of the "Greatest Women of the 20th Century" in the Women's Museum in Dallas, Texas.
Julia Gnuse: Most Tattooed Woman
Julia Gnuse, commonly known by the nickname "The Illustrated Lady," born in 1959, has 95% of her body (including her face) covered in tattoos and holds the Guinness Record for being the most tattooed woman in the world. In her mid 30s, Gnuse developed porphyria, a condition in which sunlight results in blistering of the skin. As the blisters often result in scarring, she began getting tattoos as a way to cover up the scars, which can get as deep as third degree burns. A friend of Gnuse's who was a plastic surgeon had suggested she get her skin tattooed in a pale skin tone color, similar to the color of her scars. This was attempted but didn't turn out the way they had hoped.
The tattoos do not prevent the skin from blistering as they are purely aesthetic. Instead she decided to try colorful tattoos, consisting of a variety of themes including: her favorite cartoons, her favorite actors and even a self portrait. Gnuse has appeared on the tv show Ripley's Believe it or Not. She also had a small role in Aerosmith's music video for their song Pink.
Valeria Lukyanova: Real Life Barbie Doll
Valeria Valeryevna Lukyanova is a Moldovan-born Ukrainian model and entertainer, notable for her resemblance to a Barbie doll, with several sources describing her as, among other handles, a "real-life Barbie doll" and "human Barbie". To enhance the effect Lukyanova uses makeup and contact lenses over her naturally green eyes. She has stated that she has had breast implants, but that the rest of her body is completely natural and slender due to daily gym workouts and a special diet.
She asserts that her slender figure is a result of a good diet involving small amounts of raw fish and fresh fruit juice, and a punishing exercise regimen. It's no wonder that Lukyanova has drawn comparisons to Mattel's iconic figurine - but she insists she finds this insulting. Lukyanova does not drink or smoke, and claims that she is working towards a state of being which will be able to survive on no food at all.
Annie Hawkins-Turner: World's Largest Natural Breasts
The largest breasts belongs to Annie Hawkins-Turner (aka Norma Stitz) (USA) who has an under breast measurement of 109.22 cm (43 in) and an around chest-over-nipple measurement of 177.8 cm (70 in). She currently wears a US size 52I bra, the largest made, but by American bra estimation, these measurements would put her in a 48V bra, which is not manufactured.
Annie says that her record-breaking bust began developing at the age of nine "I just started growing, and kept right on. I started wearing a bra when I was in third grade, and it was a regular grown-up woman's bra. I don't remember ever weaing a training bra." Annie was awarded her Guinness World Records title in 2000. "It made me feel like a million bucks. It's such an honour. This will go down in history. It's something I will always cherish."
Emma Morano: World's Oldest Person
Guinness World Records confirmed that Ms. Emma Martina Luigia Morano of Vercelli, Italy, is now the world's Oldest living person. Born on 29 November 1899, Ms. Morano is 116 years old, as of May 2016. Ms. Morano is believed to be the last person living born in the 19th century. Raised in Vercelli, she moved to Verbania on the shores of Lake Maggiore, Italy. She married in 1926 and has lived there, in the same small apartment, ever since. She loves her home, her collection of watches and her big bed.
Emma married in 1926 and gave birth to a child who tragically passed away when he was only 6 months old. It was a loss of unimaginable pain for Emma. Her marriage was not working and in 1938, she took the difficult decision to leave her husband, and did not marry again. Extraordinarily, Emma followed the same diet for around 90 years - three eggs per day (two raw, one cooked), fresh Italian pasta and a dish of raw meat.
Erika Ervin: World's Tallest Model
Erika Ervin known professionally as Amazon Eve, is an American transgender model, fitness trainer, and actress. She has appeared on the cover of Australian magazine Zoo Weekly and played a recurring character on American Horror Story: Freak Show. At 6 feet 8 inches (2.03 m) tall, news stories have called her "the world's tallest model".
Ervin ventured to obtain roles as an actress but gave up on the idea when she was constantly offered roles as an alien or monster. Later she studied law and exercise physiology. Tired of the office life that she had pursued and unhappy with her weight, she joined a gym but strived for an unrealistic size 0 physique that almost resulted in ending her life. Eventually she developed a healthier body image and began to view herself as a super-sized version of Super Woman and became a personal trainer devoted to instilling realistic expectations for herself and her clients. She tours the world participating in height comparison photo shoots and regular modeling jobs and posts her tour on her website.

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